That name is already taken SA

I had a character lvl 50 that i deleted about 60 days ago (had a reminder) and still can’t use the name, is there a way to someone help me to re-use the nick on a new character?

Hi @Noom!

Welcome to our community :slight_smile:

I understand that the name of the character you deleted is not available yet and I am sorry for this inconvenience, please note the following: Update to Character name deletion. Which indicates that if your character is level 11 or higher, your name will be released within 60 days.

I know you’ve mentioned that your character was deleted 60 days ago. So, can I please have the name of your deleted character and server so I can look into it?

Thanks for your patience! :bird:

Sure! the name is Noom - Server Kazeros - South America, ty for the reply @Phoenax

Is there any news about it? @Phoenax

the name just reseted it @Phoenax is was just wrong in the hour. thank you for the reply

Perfect, that’s great news!

If you have any other questions, don’t doubt in reaching out!

Have a great day :bird:

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