Thats going to happen after the gold nerf

I understand the gold nerf
But i bet yall know what this will cause and its causing this already because im standing in Kalaja right now near the honing dude and i see tons of people on their alts between 1445 to 1470 rage honing
People will panic hone tooday and tomorrow their alts to 1475 AND we all know whats going to happen, not even mentioning if u rage hone to Brel u will be faced with a reality check and its a hard one if u hone to 1490 - im gonna say this - jail is waiting for you . If you hone to 1505 its much better but be prepaired you will get decline after decline

People will open party finder for Clown and ur alt on 1475 on which u spend alot of gold to hone him to this level - because not everyone is lucky we all know most of the time people pity their honing

FORGET u will get invited to any kind of party for Clown
Clown raids will be only 1500, 1520+ now if not higher, probably higher

Your alt on 1475 will have a VERY HARD time getting into ANY decent group for Clown
Unless u make your own group and u will have 3x3 support and 2 other dps with 4x3 at max i assume
Those are old alts that farmed Argos and Valtan only so people did not care about them at all so they do not have 5x3 good quality items
I know u can do clown with 1 engraving ( i know there was a video about it)
But why would people make their life harder by inviting these people - they simply will decline you 24/7
So i assume thats why people are mad and the second reason Clown is not as easy as Valtan
Clown can be really hard raid if your team is you know what
So yeah thats why people are fuming
I get their point of view

Getting a group for Clown was not easy already on alts but now its gonna be even worse i think for many many people
It creates overall problem
Now lets say your main is 1525 ish or 1533 ish or 1540 even

All your other 5 alts that earn gold are 1472’5 or lower - easy Argos Valtan Vykas or Oreha
Now u are either forced to hone them to 1475 ( where Clown gatekeeping is waiting because your 1475 will lack damage compared to 1520 guy ofcourse NOT only that if u wanna complete your lvl 2 set you have to buy boxes after each gate so u basically LOSE gold going to 1475 or your new Artist support will be a walking target dummy simply because she has no set no tripods no quality not much hp for good shields there are literally no reasons to invite Artist to your group instead of 1500+ paladin or bard ) . Not even mentioning the fact that its a new class nobody has experience on her there is a high chance of death on G2,G3 on her i assume when u play something totally new

to 1490 where Brel 1-2 parties are well QUESTIONABLE many many times and G2 jail is real here
And 1505 - you will have a very hard time finding a party with “old gear” and set lvl 1 , unless u have Phantom Commander Title and good quality weapon/armor 5x3
In my opinion people who are in this exact situation are f…d plain and simple
Not even mentioning the finding a group for Valtan or Vykas with alt that is almost onilvl will be hard or impossible even

Edit: How are the groups this week you had problems being able to find any group for any raid on your alt that is below 1490/1500 ?


nothin gonna happen no change for me since im doin 6x brel g6 kakul and vykas everyweek. no more easy gold im super happy about patch why u guys gettin same gold as me ? without no effort ? justice is served.

So if "so many new 1475 are going to get declined for clown parties, doesnt that mean there are plenty of them to get together and clear it? I bought 2 characters tha past 3 weeks. Getting into a clown party isnt as bad as you make it out to be. Atleast it wasnt for me in NAW.


Im in the same situation but most people are not

so many new players can make their own lobbys play together simple.

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then you dont need to worry about.

True and they will spend 3 hours doing G3 Clown because they are not that experienced and they are not overgeard

its not my problem ?

im not worried im just saying whats gonna happen tomorrow and why people are fuming on forum and reddit

its gonna be fine dont worry about it people still playin they just need to adapt gold is more value now, all gonna be good.

so you’re telling me I need to gatekeep clown like crazy tomorrow? cause people who did clown to get level 2 set on 1 char and never touched it again for months are gonna be monkeys?

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Your mistake is you’re assuming these 1475s all aren’t lazy f*cks and aren’t looking for a juiced DPS to carry them.

True, gold is alot more valuable now, So guess what prices all the tradable mats will have tomorrow in AH

well yes, and its their fault.

You will be the gatekeeper or you will be the one gatekeept
This or that

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I see all my char are 1535+ so I’m not sure what will happen. Usually if I take 1 other juicer we skip mario 3anyway so not that jail

and if i jail on mario 1/2 idk what to say.

you gonna be ok, kakul almost fast as valtan.

Spent 1.5hr doing clown deja vu yesterday (first time) and we cleared it.
I assume deja vu and real clown are 100% the same except real clown isn’t as forgiving if u mess up. So how come people don’t wanna run clown?

long live juicers & big wallet holders as they stand with their heads held high ez clap

im f2p not even buy ark pass ect did u judge every player better then u ?