That's it... (45738453953rd i stopped playing thread ^^ )

After the all the shit and dramas, i realized its not worth wasting my time on this game. Everything about west servers are wrong. Game management, forum, players everything about it so i decided to stop playing. And no feedback given here gonna change this clown fest. Because im an entitled person i wanted to share this groundbreaking news with you :clown_face:

I have 35k gold and lots of mats on my account and i wont give them to you “gimme your gold” andy. My account gonna rot away just like that. I’m gonna enjoy the actual Lost Ark in KR with all the p2w and gacha features :joy: peace :v:

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Gz bruv won’t miss ya :rofl:

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thank you, sir, i wont miss you either :kissing_heart:

You are welcome sweety :kissing_heart: