That's the truth why there are so many bots

I would chat with my guild members in Discard, and found that they were using cheating program in Chaos Dungeon, then i reported it both on the website and in game. I received a reply from AGS soon,to my dismay, the bot still in the Chaos Dungeon day and night 24 hours.So who’s the real bot? Is it an infinite chaos dungeon players or moderration team?

Even if the players helped find the bot and reported it, AMG didn’t do anything about it, it was like a country without laws, there are full of negative energies, now I think our game is the real “chaos dungeon”.


Most likely it is like this.
You report.
They tag account as “cheater”
wait for next ban wave
then he gets banned.

sorry nope,i havereported this guy cause he sold gold at May, but he was just still in the Chaos dungeon

After regularly scheduled maintenance and update(June 9th at 12 AM PT / 7 AM UTC / 9 AM CEST),he is using cheating programs again
He even improved his equipped Iteam level to to 1449 , use what he got by cheating in the chaos dungeon.
How ridiculous
BTW,i reported again both in the game and on the website, is bad there is only an cold reply emails again

I will continue to report this,let’s wait and see when AGS will really work.@ROXX


Nah it just goes to the void. You’ve never reported botter im guessing. Its a waste of time.

This is misleading at best. The bots that are ruining the game are those with gibberish names like “shjadwkws” running main quest and una’s task to farm gold. They are the ones who are creating the queue.

The bot you shown are just real players using script to run chaos dungeon. Yes, it is still cheating but they are not creating the 7000-15000 queues. They are not the ones who are inflating Steam numbers to 800k players.

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Bro they still cheating u can’t simply ignore them …but as OP said yes there is something that most of ppl think it’s conspiracy but its true …companies or mods take advantage of cheating or something like that cuz there is not answer to those bots …why wait till the next ban wave ? He will do RMT with gold and u don’t ban the guys who buy gold …this encourage to keep cheating