The absolute state of Chat

Welcome to Europe, where Amazon cant even be arsed to have 1 moderator online.
Just look at the chat in video i uploaded


There are only a few things I think AGS could do better at in terms of Lost Ark and managing official community channels including in-game chat is one of them. People need to be able to communicate and have a good time in the game.

When there’s constant community violations they need to be dealt with.

I don’t think this is an easy fix though. Amazon paying that many moderators would be really expensive and trusting people who aren’t paid to do the right thing can also be problematic.

Report + ban

be happy in the chat (not in the game where they sell a lot of gold and people buy it)

Turn it off. Honestly, first rule of thumb for any MMO. Every game is full of spam…be it gold sellers or ‘anal’ jokes.

People overstate the usefulness of global chat. For a laugh, I turned it on again last night…and wasn’t at all surprised to see the level of ‘mom’ and ‘booby’ chat flying around. It makes Barrens chat look like a mensa meeting. I mean if that’s your gig, more power to you.

If you insist on using it, well, right click on spammers name and hit ‘ignore’. Yep, have to do it multiple people but it does provide immediate relief.

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Blocklist has limited amount. you can fill all your list in one evening and there will be more spammers

There are several different area chats over several different channels.

Roxx explained it already in another thread. They’d need at least 900 people to monitor just 1 server (each person working 8h shift, X areas each multiplied by Y channels and so on)

It might be possible with external tools to combine area-chat-channels, but still it wouldn’t be possible for just some human moderators to monitor all this crap.

They are working on better automated solutions. But there always will be bots and it will be a ongoing fight.

And also keep in mind, that for many “ban/chat-filter rules”, there will be people crying over things they are not allowed anymore to say in chat, or people complaining about naming policies.

Sadly the fight against bots (and other chat spam) is not easy. And the most important aspect to me is preventing bots (people controlling them) from creating more accounts. So that they don’t flood the servers, which leads to longer queues.
The global chat can easily be ignored, but having a 10k queue because of thousands of bots can’t be ignored.

And there is another aspect:
The whole bot system would collapse, if there wasn’t a significant amount of people buying from “gold sellers”.
Unfortunately for almost every MMO, there seem to be enough people buying items/gold from them. Therefore they exist. You could now argue, that Amazon just just lower the prices in the store. But keep in mind that running a bot and selling virtual goods is much cheaper than maintaining a game and the infrastructure. Thus it is almost impossible to keep the prices low enough, still pay for servers and staff and gain profit, if you want to keep up with the bots.

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This is, indeed, a very poor state of the chat, however, it’s pretty much the same without the gold sellers. 90% of it is the “add me” messages, and people flaming each other instead of playing…

But again, that’s normal for a f2p game.

I simply turned it off (Tick off the checkbox for Local), and activated it only in a new TAB I created called “SPAM” if I ever have to check it out. This way, I don’t have to endure that kind of crap, or also the generally toxic chat of a F2P game.

That is complete bs.
they need 1 per server or 1 per region.
when person reports some spammer for being a goldseller they should get a notification and moderator can check and toss temp. ban that leads to investigator later for permanent ban or reversal.

most MMO games do that and they handle it just well.

You are just repeating excuses from a company that made multiple million already but cant hire few people and develop reporting system.

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I turn it off in every game as well, but the kiddies love it.

Just for kicks, it should be moderated by a GM with a ban hammer 8 hours straight to see how many bans they could institute of those deserving.

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  1. just one example from New World:
  • it had such an “auto ban when reported” feature
  • this feature was immediately abused by players to win wars (you just need X people to report the same account > auto ban for a day or so to verify…and so one)

Just by this small example you can see, that your suggestion for a auto-/temp ban might get abused easily.

Now you decide:

  • (temp) auto ban and deal with all the people getting banned for “no reason”
  • do it manually (well a manual check would be necessary afterwards anyways, you’re saying this too)
  1. the report system is already there
  • you can already report spam, gold selling and so on
  • what do you think happens with these reports? > they are checked by humans > bots get banned

The problem is:
This all takes time, because 1 person per server is not enough. How many reports do you think are generated per minute? I’d assume they are hundreds if not more. Of course they are than aggregated in some form e.g. “playername X reported 123 times in the last 5minutes”. Then a person (let’s say am CM) has to check such a report, validate it, ban the account.

From the initial report to the ban it might take 5min…maybe 10mins.

Now we alle know, that there are several hundred bots on a server and they are like a medusa. For each bot banned, there are 2 new.

Getting back to our simple example and let’s just assume there are 100 individual bots reported and it takes 5min each = 500min > a whole days work for just 1 person.

I could go one…

And for your “most MMO games do that and they handle it just well”:

Yes there are several other MMOs out there with online “GMs” (or how they call them). But the chat-server-structure might be totally different from the one Lost Ark is using, these MMOs very often didn’t have the GMs in the first place and/or there are always people complaining about “false positives” (whing in a forum that they got banned for no reason, because of an evil mod…).

Haha, it would be hilarious if they spent a shift just banning people. Granted the forum screaming would escalate several levels…but still would be funny.

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Exactly. I imagine banning is just a few keystrokes for a GM and dozens could be done/hour.

Let the hammer fall!

And if it isn’t gold sellers, there’s always that one person intentionally being annoying and cringe. I usually play with the System tab active until I have a question.