The AH popup is single handedly the most annoying thing in the game



I don’t understand this gripe. I play the game an unhealthy amount. I’ve maybe seen the pop up like 5 times ever and it filled me with hope every time I saw it because I knew it would negatively effect AH botters sniping items. What are you doing to see this pop up?

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Depends on what you do.

If you are buying out a lot of crafting materials (Say Fish) or large stacks of honing materials every single transaction becomes a 10 second wait spamming the ok button until it lets you purchase again.

Or if you are buying out a set of Accessories, have them set to interested then when it’s finalized you go through and buy each one, the 10 second wait here has actually cost me a buyout as it got sold during that delay to someone else. It tilted me pretty good that day as I struggled to find a replacement for that accessory lol.

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