The amount of needless RNG in this game is actually cringe

Hit 1100 on Destroyer and finished Punika questline then did the 2 chaos dungeons REQUIRED TO HIT T3 and then proceeded to only get 3 of the 6 pieces of 1302 gear THAT IS ALSO REQUIRED TO HIT T3.

Why? I paid the honing price and I paid the PvE price by doing Punika for the 7th time in my life, why the fuck do I also have to throw the dice in a dungeon to see if I can be T3 today? Actual brain dead game design.


They should make T3 blue gear tradable like every other version of this game so we wouldn’t have this issue


Haha you will get “i got those first try, tough luck”, “only a few people got this issue, just wait for it to drop”, “stop crying baby”, “this is not KR” kinda response about this.

My main got into 5 days limbo (didn’t have any alt at the time) because of this, lost weekly exchange and have to daily rest, much worst than 1340 to 1370.

Don’t cry about this, fanboys will blast you. AGS/SG not gonna do shit, they already knew, it on purpose, think this will incentivize you to pay.

Edit: AGS → AGS/SG


You know this is a SG decision and not AGS right? Everyone loves pointing the finger at AGS when usually it’s SG.

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Same, stayed up late to get through the punika quest line last night. had the day off log in to the destroyer 2 chaos runs down missing the weapon…. I guess I can set up my tripods and do the obnoxious berver quest hooray!

Same thing happened to me on my main. The week behind in effect caused me to be a week late on reaching 1370 argos. And this month i was 1 week behind valtan hard mode, so arguably that small thing is still effecting me today.

Currently 1450 hoping to reach 1460 before vykas to finally outpace that 1 week lockout caused by not getting my T3 gear on a wednesday night.

Remember the market crash? If i were able to reach T3 one week sooner i could have made more gold. Suck, people have been complain about this since launch, nothing change.

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Are you new to MMO’s? RNG is a thing in every game I don’t understand how you can be so mad over luck. Life isn’t fair, if you want instant gratification go play another game.

Lol hey one showed up


Do you feel better now you’ve told someone to go and play another game, do you feel like you’ve achieved something?


You probably don’t know how RNG works, they purposefully made the probability of each piece unevenly distributed. So there are a % of people missing one piece for a certain duration.

Learn maths and stop being a clown.

They can tweak the distribution of a RNG, this is one example


He want this game dead so he could play with bots and RMTers.


Facts man.

I haven’t had this happen to me thankfully (6 chars through Punika) but if it had i’d be as pissed as you. It makes literally no sense. One thing I have been doing though to avoid this is ensure that I have rest bonus x2 for alts about to hit 1100.

While this will make you feel better when hitting 1100. Over time it will still equal out to lost days but I do get the thinking behind it.

It happens. Actually happens often. You will get other items next day - dont worry.
Worst is when you get 5 without weapon :smiley:

Yeah, should have been changed months ago. But I guess that’s this version for you.

I heard someone said in KR version 1302 gear was never untradable. This could be false, anyone played KR remember?

Doesn’t change the fact it is a stupid design.

If they think otherwise they should tell us what is the purpose of making people stuck in limbo up to 5 days. If they still silent and pretend the problem didn’t exists then i will keep my original opinion and assumptions.

At the begining is annoying but its not big deal.
I have many characters and it happened everytime. Once I bought T2 item from AH to get the set same day.

It up to the individual to decide wherether or not this is a big deal. One of my alt get full set first try, another one stuck two day… it’s not a big deal since they are alts and only 2 days.

But 5 days stuck on main is cruciating, basically you could just do 2 chaos daily and turned off the game.