The anti bot sytems have not worked at all

And only screwed over the players.

so how about you ban permanently and shame publicly those who RMT and on top of that set em on negative pheons and gold

heck even ban across all AGS games and machine ban cause these people will do it again.

and maybe then we can have a KR client experience and not this frankenstein of a client that give us only long waits on patches :upside_down_face:


Name and shame is unnecessary.

Especially since there will continue to be legitimate false positives.

But I’m all for banning and giving a number every so often.


I don’t understand why they don’t just ban the bots.

They do. Eventually.

But they allow infinite new accounts without any verification.

Just ban them don’t know how these accounts are getting to 1475. Just keep banning them before they get to that point.

You mean… Do work? Oof. Unrealistic expectations spotted.


They say they can’t disclose what they’re doing to stop them, but that doesn’t seem to be stopping the bots one bit.

^ Agreed. ^
They used to do something like it.

But we haven’t had one of these posts in awhile.

its takes time to get to 1475 i don’t think its unrealistic expectation before they get even past 1415

It’s so relaxing to see you struggle and I was like you before but now I’m going to the Asian server.I hope your enjoy being with the bots.And more censorship with Western features ahhh

ummm of course it HAS worked…just look at the struggling players now xD
working as intended…really

why would they ban THEIR program?? don’t you know bots are from AGS themselves…lets be real here - all part of the master plan.

i mean you have a point maybe someone from AGS is leaking api changes. and that explains why the bots adapt so fast to the changes.

99% of this game is stored locally by (not well planned) design.

Even without a leak they can see the API themselves on patch day. That’s why it takes 2-3 days to get fully back up.

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what system are you talking about ?

Ban waves should definitely be more frequent. But agree, so far every measure they’ve done just fucks the player more.

I support their vision in dealing with fraud though, since from a business perspective it is pretty rough to deal with chargebacks. But inadvertently, with a 3-day holding period it pretty much ensures that RMT will always be a method in demand.

While I’m not speculating that AGS is using the bots themselves to bolster players numbers for a greater appearance to use for acquiring new contracts as that’s illegal, I’m definitely questioning why they’ve slowed down significantly on ridding the game of bots. They used to do almost monthly ban waves, now the bots have been active consistently for months with nothing but player restrictions added that don’t affect their numbers at all. It’s very unnerving. I hope we see a bot ban wave soon, for the health of the game.

What’s your suggestion on how to do it? You can’t just keep saying “Ban them” and think that’s helpful.

Literally ban them. Search for ASDFKJSDKfljkds and their chat log says hh

ah bots are still in EU/NA hmmm

some things need to be fast and fierce
if they allowed RMT going for months without punishment doing aggresive actions now would cut rather big part of playerbase, that prolly also are actually paying part of playerbase :wink:

it would be deserved? for sure
would it kill the game? highly probably

This botting is gonna be a game of cat and mouse until AGS get their shit together with doing proper account verifications and stopping them before they get out of starter zone.

RMT will always find ways to simply abuse and bypass detection from speed hacking to clipping out of zones. They will find ways to avoid hitting detections or account flagging so they will go through lengths to set up and optimize routes to speedrun until they hit a threshold that this brand new account is profitable.

AGS just slap these accounts on the wrist with a temporary few day ban then they go back to auto-activities.