The April Update

Like none of the actual concerns were addressed.

“It’s totally a thing that’s real!” can we see it? “Well no… we still need to work out some of it” well can you say when? “No…cause’ were working on it…” well it’s april and we don’t know what is coming in april, so I guess we’ll just assume nothing then? Since you have nothing to show? Still after all this time, not even an acknowledgement of all the people saying what things need to be brought over to the NA client asap to solve most problems?

Honing Difficulties.
Alright, so you’re going to bring in some of the content from Korean versions and such that actually let people progress and get things at a decent rate, as well as make it less monotonous. “Well no…” okay, so you are going to do something more beyond just temporary events and do something long term and actually engaging right? “Well no…”
Okay so then what is the plan? “we are still monitoring player feedback and progression data regarding honing”… so nothing then. Because people are saying it sucks, they are stopping their play of the game because it sucks, there are videos showing why it sucks and explaining in detail the problem…but that’s not enough to warrant anything…

Bots and Fraud
Actually, here you’ve been doing better. However you seem to be glazing over a lot of the problems people have with the over zealous bot protection; with things like Pheons. Charging real money to use the auction house is ridiculous. That should not be a thing. Period.
Maybe consider looking into that, as well as letting us easily block and/or report people sending us spam mail.
Please keep up the efforts in solving this problem, it is appreciated.

Proving Grounds Season 1
Actually this is again pretty well done, I have no gripes here.

Skin Release
So here is where I get salty again. “Existing skins in the Korean version were released before some classes, requiring art and development time to rig models with skins for newer classes and the special weapons that accompany them. In fact, some of this work for newer classes still needs to be done.”
You’ve done them for several classes though. Options exist that would work with what we have, RIGHT NOW. No one is asking you to bring things over for classes we don’t have, or telling you to only bring skins over that support every class. We’re not going to berate you for it.
You have content right now, in the game files themselves, that will work and fit on classes that are in the game. There is no reason not to let players access them.
What you are doing here is trying to maximize the sales of each individual skin by waiting until sales peak, before putting out a new one to keep selection down so people are more likely to make additional purchases- and then acting like the players are not able to realise that.

This last one really upsets me; because it means we can not trust what you say. Which is a huge problem.