The argon island issue

Can we please get more channels in argon, more statues, faster resets, anything to help players obtain the island soul? a few minutes ago i finally found an sculpture to get my soul just for a random person to show up, start hitting it and me not able to do anything about it and then he gets the sculpture and i get nothing. We really need something… now i have to wait who knows how long and i just can’t do what that other player did to me to someone else… it incites such a bad attitude.

wow, what server are you on that you have that much trouble finding a free sculpture on Argon? i’m not sure it could be expanded that much without unintended consequences since you could just farm it for resources if the sculptures just infinitely respawned.

These cretins who break others’ sculptures for the LULZ and KEKWS should be imprisoned and sent to Kaltherz, though.

the other player didn’t break it for fun, he started hitting it with the pan to get the soul when i was doing it, that way he has a chance to do the last hit and steal the sculpture from me, i play in na west, valtan server

yeah even if you’re in a party, pretty sure only 1 person can get the pack of stuff that drops. that’s pretty obnoxious, though making the sculpture really shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes or so once you know what you’re doing. that takes a bit of practice though.

as a tip, if you don’t know, there is a region specific reset time for the sculptures. this is not at the standard daily reset time. on na east it was 8 pm last i checked, but i don’t know about na west. you could try going right after reset if they are that scarce on your server.

i did go on reset, i managed to find one sculpture being hit by 2 players, then got one for myself and then the incident happened

wow, that’s crazy. i’m usually only limited by how many i feel like doing. well, good luck man, you’ll get it next time i’m sure