The Argos P1 Pain

So I have been at 1370 for about 40h in-game now of which the majority of time I have spent doing Argos Part 1 and what a shitty experience it is. I have yet to beat it because in most groups people die to the first big pizza or just straight up take peoples spots in the wipe and attack him during his balance state. I had tries where someone literally took all the revives himself and one where just 2 people dc after the first try. Here I am, stuck at 1370 because I cant get Argos equip (I wont craft the chosen set besides the sword I got).

play with ur guild or friend


Join a guild, use the party finder and dont use MM

All i have to say argos isnt hard


I hated this advice but it worked for me. Teach them the fight. Explain where to stand during the pizza phase, ask them to use time stop potions for it and keep trying. It may take a few groups but you’ll get it done.

Good luck!


just use MM for learn mech so u know what to do when join real party

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did u use matchmaking or look for a premade party?

for argos it makes a pretty significant difference having supports on the team or not

i watched the explaination video before i smoked weed and was able to kill argos while being high as fck, so i think you just need better teammate rng

and no i did not die

just also wanted to mention if you only craft the bare minimum 1 piece chosen you’ll be gated by the lack of argos gear for p2 argos the week after due to ilevel, unless you +11/+12 all the argos/chosen pieces you have i guess


Just join Party Finder. I cleared it after I reached 1370. Only took 2 tries in the group I was in. Most of them only watch video, too. The p1 is easier than some of T1/T2 guardian raid.

Yeah, obviously I myself do mistakes here and there but in general his moves are quite predictable and most of them do between 7-12k dmg so they arent too punishing

No need to rush 1415 anyway since Valtan wont come till end of may lol

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optimistic XD

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Party Finder is always looking for p1+2 and if not then they are 6/8 looking for 2 sups :confused:

make your own then. got to take initiative sometime.

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Don’t need supp for p1/p2. Idk what region you’re on but man that sounds rough. I’m on NA east and when I lvled by alt to 1370 I 1 shot argos with a random team. But you need to use party finder because engravings and 2ndary stats are very important. You could be getting players that are doing over 50% below average because of random groups.

People, in general, are idiots. If you go into something expecting competency, you’ll leave disappointed. Always lay everything out like they have the IQ of a grapefruit. You still might not be able to complete it, but after an attempt or 2, you will. This will become easier as more people become better trained which leaves fewer to treat like simpletons.

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You don’t need it but for some parts like the “pizza” part, if people aren’t using pots or know wtf they’re doing its very useful. That’s of course if your support knows when to shield…

I hope you didn’t try to eat the pizza mechanic bro :rofl:

It makes it way easier, though. Can also use gunlancers.

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i was the slow one that threw a couple more attacks on argos and wondered why is everyone pinging, then i was like oooh right and then stopped

i mean…argos is a very simple raid honestly. but i do feel your pain, but this is kinda what happens when more casuals reach end game. Also getting to Argos now is much easier for others as higher geared people are flying peeps through the Abyss / Graids, carrying people through tons.

Id honestly just stick to party finder , try with your guild , or group of friends.
Would probably be the best bet to clear it without a bunch of people unable to handle the pizzas, or at least give you a way try have a support in each party to shield the pizza’s.

Ok that’s your choice a guess, sounds irrational but go for it.