The Artist is the only existing solution in Korea for the lack of support

I read a lot of posts on that “releasing the artist wont fix the lack of support problem”
while it might be true because of the game design , but it’s the only solution
releasing the artist wont fix the problem but it will help a lot
Most of who against the artist are against it because they want the old classes released first
but they already released newer classes , it’s the company problem not ours

release all the old classes in one update because they existed in Korea the moment the game is released, then give us the artist in the month after it because it’s the most popular and will help in the support problem :expressionless:

one class per month is a scam , those classes existed forever it’s not fair for everyone
and don’t tell me that we are moving too fast , as I remember they promised us that we eventually will reach the Korean updates, when that would happen?
I do understand it wont happen in 1 month , but you are already messing up everything like releasing the balance patch (that made for the current stat of the game in Korea not here) to here
and you already released the latest buffs/nerfs for Bosss/farming gold mets etc
So please don’t pull your “it’s too early” card bs
and no “the artist wont fix the support problem”

PS: Stop cheaping out on skins!


you don’t read


Release all classes at once is the best solution for players and the community. Right now the community is fighting each others over the class release order because of the drip feeding strategy. SG/AGS intentionally created a toxic environment all because they want more $$$$.

Dear SG/AGS, there are many many other ways to make money. Please just release all classes at once. In future you still will have new classes such as aeromancer and female berserker to make community to be excited about. Look at WOW and FF14, a good game doesn’t need to drip feed classes to be a master piece. You are only damaging your reputation by doing so.


How will it help a lot?

Korea has a support shortage even with Artist and it is the least played class at the high end tier so as you get higher and higher, there are less and less people investing in any support besides Bard (even Paladin drops down to trash tier at the end game).

Therefore, based on actual data, it won’t help at all. You just don’t know what you’re talking about.


Obviously because it’s the newest class, so guess why its the least played class in high end tier? Lol.


the game have 2 supports classes , you mean a 3rd wont help? am not tilling you it will fix it , but it will help, 3 supports is better than 2, and the 3rd class is a popular one, and it’s the only existing solution in Korea!.
“it is the least played class at the high end tier” because it’s new, it’s the most popular from the unreleased classes.

the problem is AGS making us fight over which class they should release next.


The only real solution is to buff honing rates and hope people roll a support.

They probably won’t.


Its hard to swap mains after you reach 1500+ and Artist is the newest class over there

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Just release them all, two classes a month and then artist last. Boom, no more drip feeding and artist released during the last hype of Lost Ark over the summer. August release hurts no one and anyone arguing for no release at all are unhinged. Let people enjoy things.


Incoming literal robot answer about how that wont happen lmao

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except paladin is literally the best support for good players because he provides the best buff uptime


Get back in line and wait for ur class. stop trying to bs ur way thru.

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except paladin is literally the best support for good players because he provides the best buff uptime

Looks damn good doing it too.


It’s reaching a point where people are starting to feel tired of wait (ALL UNRELEASED CLASSES, no matter if it’s new or old) who want to play the class knows that it exists and how it works, just playing an alt and waiting for the day to play his/her beloved class.

One day the game starts do get boring to play (it tends to happen with everyone but faster with who is waiting to play his main) and people will start to quit.

In my point of view, sooner it reach KR Patch, better for the game and company (just about class release, others contents can wait)


Artist has actually surpassed Deadeye at 1580-1625 GS, remember she was released like 4 months ago.

Also in less than 1 month the support percentage at 1580-1625 GS has gone up .99% from 21% to 21.99%.

.99% might not seem like much, but the sweet spot is 75/25. Almost 1 entire percent in less than 1 month is a big move forward for 25% supports.


Artist is coming last because it takes time and effort to change the class to an adult model for western release.

If you love the class be patient. It will be extra worth it with that great change.


I could see AGS doing something like that. The forums would explode if that happened though.

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They really just need to release everything in the next month or two. It takes so long to hone a character up anyway that if they release her in October those of us wanting to jump ship from DPS won’t even be able to help out with the shortage until like mid 2023, even with a power pass. It’s just ridiculous at this point.


If it was to happen, they would do this change before releasing her in Korea, bcs at that time, the global release of the game was already confirmed

Kinda sad for the ill who dont know the diference betwen reality and fantasy (the ones who keep asking for that change bcs its a child)