The banning algorithm is CRAZY

I got my account banned on Saturday 6-18-22 for absolutely ZERO reason. I’ve been playing a sorceress since the day of launch with no alts. I went to login and BOOM here’s this message saying my account has not just been suspended but PERMANENTLY BANNED FOR REASON: CHEATING. Whatever algorithm SG is using now is improperly banning real life players while the actual bots are still running rampant. I appealed my ban and Amazon said that they reviewed the information I provided and confirmed their disciplinary action was merited in my case and they won’t overturn the ban lol! Welp there went hundreds of hours GONE. Just like that. For no reason. I don’t use scripts, bots, cheats or anything of the matter nor would I even have the knowledge on how half of that stuff even works. I login every morning, do my dailies, run some chaos dungeons and wait until Thursdays to do 8 main raids.

Amazon asked me for evidence to prove my case but how exactly can I provide evidence to prove my case. I can’t login to the game, I can’t provide any “digital evidence” for something that isn’t tangible. All I can do is plead and ask them to overturn my account ban. I still don’t even have an answer as to why my account was banned so what is there to appeal when I don’t know HOW to appeal it?!

If this is what Amazon/SG is doing to real players then this game isn’t going to make it. People investing hundreds and thousands of hours then to just have your account permanently banned without merit is INSANE!

Personally, I haven’t spent a single red cent on Lost Ark nor have I spent ANY money in my entire life in a P2W scenario. Screw people who support RMT and the bots that flood the servers. I think they deserve every permanent ban coming to them. But to just randomly start blanket banning legitimate players like this is Nazi level stuff in full force. I thought the sissies at Riot Games were bad when you say a naughty word…but my God Amazon/SG are on another level.

It’s even more hilarious when Amazon is trying to ban bots in their game but when you go to appeal a ban you get a bot generated reply! The world is a damn circus.

It’s absolutely shocking that someone can invest many hundreds of hours, not spend a single dollar in game or RMT and your account can just get insta-banned permanently. Not a suspension, not a warning, nothing. Just boom, account wiped, you’re screwed. Have a good day sir! You LOSE!

However, after 5 days, 2 appeals and a phone call, my account was finally un-banned today. No email from Amazon, no follow-up from SG. Nothing. No apology, no gift, nothing. I just randomly tried to login today and was able to get back in and my account was restored.

What method of contacting did the trick for you? Asking just in case, cos my main is also a sorc chuckles im in danger

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I had to file 2 chat appeals then I actually called Amazon lost ark support and they gave me a ticket number and escalated it to the developers. Or so they said.

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No alts? That highly sus!


1540 ilvl? Thats sus! ^

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Well you answered your own question, you never spent a dollar in the game.

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