The Behind the Curtain Quest broke me

Got around 110 hours of playtime, been loving this game.

The last two hours made me uninstall it.

It’s not that it’s a forced stealth quest in a action game.
It’s not that it’s some sadistic developer idea of fun.

It’s that feeling that you are playing this quest and one simple feeling pops into your head “The game just hates me and is moking me, insulting me”, I ask for a NPC to get out of the way, I wait and then I try move past him…

I. get. detected. every. single. time.
I can deal with wiping on a raid, that’s my fault.
I can deal with dying over and over again, it’s the life of a MMO player.
But being insulted like that? Having a game developer just making fun of my time?

It just broke me, it did… It just took that one mission, just that one, from going to loving playing for 100 hours to “What the Hell did I just spent my time on?”

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You should try Metus island



Not so much the quest itself, but the pathfinding engine that even imbeciles would describe as absolute moronic.

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The pathing in that quest is awful. I finally got thorough it carefully inching my toon along but geez.

That quest is pretty simple. Just watch their pattern and move through.

Truly a stupid quest with zero purpose. Whoever designed this one phoned it in

I uninstalled at the same point, fuck your dev’s it not that its even hard. Its that you organized the NPC’s to look like their is pockets that you attempt to push into that simply pushes your character out farther than the space should allow. The pathing around objects is so fucking terrible in your game. What ever shithole dev should be fired for ever making a quest I need to stealth as a warrior to begin with. Even worse the WHOLE BORING MIND NUMBING QUEST RESTARTS if you fail at even the very last part. Legit would punch this dude in his face, you are a shit dev.

Wait till you get to feiton, that qust is even dumber. Or sublime island quest.
But they are doable. I’ve done them on countless chars and i already know them like the back of my hands.
Just watch a video to see how someone cleared it already.
But the Metus island quest - who thought of that should climb the highest mountain and just stay there and leave the rest of humanity alone.

I’m really not sure why people struggle on these. I’m guessing you are going to slow. Almost every single stealth quest in the game the timing is basically set that you can speedrun it. Just keep moving towards the end and you’ll get there almost every time without fail.

Metus was the same way. Turn off your lantern and only turn it on if you actually need to attack something. Keep moving and don’t stop unless you can’t move forward.

you must have hands of molasses

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If this is your resolve as player with a mere 100 hours… This game is not for you.

Bye have and have better luck in your road ahead.

Ps: Metus Island shows you the finger.

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This Island broke me. I missed like 1 Mokoko iirc, going back to get it, and died… and this was my xth try already.
Never did go back to that island.

This island does not exist to me at all until they come up with a checkpoint system for it

I’d rather farm Yearning for god knows however long instead of this bullshit

And that says something

had to google to recall this quest
dont recall having a problem with it, its not that hard
also I have done metus on 2nd try
but anyway good for you for quitting that early, the entire game is designed to waste your time and make you mad

I don’t remember having that much of a hard time with this quest. It’s been a while though.

The Metus quest, OTOH, was annoying as hell. Took me several tries, but I finally got it.

I find that the stealth missions in this game, in general, are badly designed.

Ive never even stepped foot on that island due to knowing what awaits me. Probably never will.