The beneficiaries and losers of Amazon Game's refusal to take meaningful measures against bots

I just wanted to point out that the losers of this policy are all the idiots, myself included, who spent money legitimately on this game. I will not be making that mistake again, though I would be happy to continue to support the game if the studio protected the value of people’s money.

The botters are the obvious beneficiaries, as are the people that buy gold at 1/10th of the market rate from them. Amazon Games clearly isn’t hurting, people are still putting money into the game through legitimate means as evidenced by the exchange rate. Amazon Games also clearly doesn’t respect the money that people are giving them as they let the value dwindle, again by enabling bots to push gold onto the market at 1/10th of the market rate. A F2P game that relies on in game transactions deserves to fail if they don’t respect the value of the money that people put into the game. Amazon Games does not respect the money that people put into the game, they are laughing their way to the bank. If you are tempted to put money into this game do not do that until they respect the value of your money by doing something meaningful to curb the bots.


There’s a post about increasing the penalties for untrusted steam accounts. If you really wanna kill bots go support that

That’s like getting mad at bitcoin when the market shifts. Players control the prices and can manually set their own buy/sell price. Feel like it’s too low right now? Set it to max price and wait for it to go up.

Guess you missed the part where a lot of the top players who bought gold actually got banned because it was premature of them to be able to achieve max ilvl without an amount of gold they couldn’t obtain legally. Besides if you’ve played any mmorpg known to main you would know that botting isn’t something new. Even world of warcraft had bots that for years flew under the radar the difference is the more open the world the less likely your gonna spot them. Every system for bots isn’t gonna just ban them right away because in world of warcraft days they did a lot of bans on innocent players by mistake and its a sad day when you spent 180 on the game only to be banned because you smash your keyboard in the same way a bot presses key functions. They banned a lot of them and put some heavy punishments on free accounts. With a reason because bots are utilizing these systems. Really there’s only 2 ways to deal with it if they enable the anti-cheat software that is built into the game. If you do get mistakenly banned its a perma ban you won’t be coming back cause if you knew anything about the software its a HWID ban forever. Or they can make it so new steam accounts have no access to trade / auction / ect but people are crying over the current free to play restrictions. Only other way would be force people to have an amazon account in order to play the game. Because it requires a phone number verified but that would prevent people from making more then one account.

Is bitcoin’s price mostly determined by market manipulation? It’s nothing like what you say.

I guess you’ve never traded in crypto. It absolutely is. :slight_smile: If one person can cause the market to drop in price by $20,000.

How do you expect fighting bots works exactly? You really think you can just throw a bit of cash at a dev and poof all the bots away in a F2P game? Sorry, it doesn’t work like that.

They’ve been consistently trying to deal with bots and the last change is a really good first step to slowing them down substantially but it’s going to be a constant battle until the botter’s feel like it’s not worth it anymore which is a really hard thing to get to happen in a game this popular.

I really don’t know what more you expect.