The big hangup over EUW for many like me

I have seen all the arguments about why just accepting the lost time etc is “the best way to go” and I have heard all the counter arguments and heres the thing.

I am not even throwing a tantrum about it, if Amazon dont fix the EU server situation with a better solution than the one currently on offer my time with this game is done heres why.

I invested time, over 100 hours, that is a resource I can not reclaim.
I spent money, I bought a founders pack, on top of that I bought skins
I spent time on twitch getting the drops, I spent my money on Amazon prime for various things and claimed my drops from there.

Of these things, guess which I get to continue to enjoy if I move to a new server on the current offer.

I get some of my founders pack stuff, I give up the time I spent, I give up the money I spent on other stuff in this game and I give up the promotional items I claimed, further more, I have no guarantee this situation will not happen again.

As such I simply do not feel I can trust Amazon Games with my money or my time at this stage as they have no qualms about just shrugging them off.

The worst part really is the silence about solutions for people in my situation, confirmation transfers are being worked on in the future, or other solutions are being explored. Instead, it just seems that Ferenghi logic rules, “I have your money, no need for me to bother about you”

You have what I spent already, I am happy to write that off as a bad choice, I would rather not. But for me, its a simple decision, frustration on a daily basis, or disappointment and acceptance once.

If this situation continues I will choose the latter, its a shame, I think this game could be great but the lack of consideration shown by the operator of it basically makes me think this is simply not a company I can trust with my money or time.