The bot bottle-neck. would this work?

one of the biggest problems with bots, is that they can so easily make more, right?
they continue to make more bots as other bots get banned.

why not focus MOST of your effort on stopping them in prideholm?
every new char in the game needs to start in prideholm, right?
so have in-game GMs (or whatever is best method) in prideholm insta-banning bots they see. they don’t need to be everywhere, just prideholm. prideholm is the bottle-neck that they all start.
i mean, it’s so easy to tell they are bots. they are teleporting, and running as fast as mounted, and walking through walls.

now i know that high lvl bots exist, but it takes them time to get there.
over time, if all the new bots get stopped in prideholm, then the higher lvl bots will slowly disappear as well, as they are reported by players and identified by other means later.
make prideholm your “you shall not pass” area.