The bot issue isn't this simple

I wanted to give a quick explanation as to why it isn’t as simple to fix the botting issue as you might think.
I agree that the game would probably improve if we didn’t have anymore bots , mostt defenitively in servers that are currently being overrun by bots which creates very long queue’s.
There are 2 main reasons the botting issue is very difficult to solve.

  1. A system similar to korea requires you to basicly link your identity to the game which ofcourse makes it much more difficult to create thousands of accounts for your bots as you would need to fake identities. However this system is not apllicable to the west as a lot of countries here have laws that clash with a system like this.

  2. All other types of solutions of which ags have already tried a decent amount are very temporary solutions which can be circumvented by putting in a little amount of effort. But even if it was a lot of effort, you have to think why bot creaters are putting in this effort, and that has a very simple answer, they make extreme amounts of money out of it.

So with this i hope i can at least convince some people to think about the issue before going on rants to blame ags. And maybe there is a solution out there that would not be affected by these issues and i will say, if you think you have such a solution please post it in the forums to let ags know, it might not be your job to solve it, however if you ttruly care about this issue it would help everyone out.

That was my little rant to balance out the postitive and negative posts a little bit, thx for reading.

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Well I would LD be ok with having my ACC work with passport or ID scan, like old blizz was working

Well how about putting all these short term solutions right now, while we wait for a long one?
I didn’t see AGS using live mods to mass ban bot trains - yes it’s not permanent solution, but it will help.

You can look at this as the game is a hospital patient with illness. So while doctors try to find how to cure the person, they would still use all other short term options to not let illness to progress.

? U never had to do anything like this with blizzard lol. It’s not allowed by eu law anyways

In this case the patient is poisoning themselves on purpose. Without a feasible scorched earth option like linking accounts to your identity there’s nothing any game can realistically do about bots. The only remedy is players cutting the demand, and for players who aren’t directly contributing to RMT to shame those who are until they do. If you are are buying or aren’t shaming then don’t complain about bots because you are the problem.

The first thing they need to do is take a zero tolerance policy towards RMT users. Perhaps it has recently changed but before, they would only give 3 day bans if the amount bought wasn’t over a certain threshold. If they perma banned anyone for any amount then that would help deter some.

Bots and RMT only exist because there is demand for it as these bot owners aren’t doing this for the fun of it. Some people out there seem to keep ignoring the RMT users and why the bots are in the game. It’s like everything else illicit in real life: the dealers/suppliers only exist because there is demand. Drug dealers exist because people want to do drugs. Drug dealers don’t force people to do drugs, just like bots don’t force people to use RMT sites.

They should absolutely keep trying to deal with the bots but they need to really focus on the RMT users.