The bot situation is a consequence of SG decision

Basically when the game released, the said they were expecting about 200k players & not over 1M at launch.
These last months the community tried reporting bots/rmt, faced queues (NA mostly).
You really think they couldn’t do anything until now if they wanted ?
And lately they’re celebrating over 800k (steam charts). They already knew they can’t have these numbers without bots. They just chose money over quality & community.
Having to deal with bots will just cost them & make less profit than leaving them for the time being.
It’s a choice and all we see in forums that they’re stalling the situation, no serious solution is done and all things they do just hurt real players instead of bots.
It’s great to be hopeful but at this point don’t be blinded enough to not see that this is a choice they made, not incapacity.

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indeed, they chose greed.

maybe one day… or maybe not.

it’s insane.
im celebrating with SG.
we will reach 1M players due vykas + good new content.

Yup, wrote this a few days ago “Imagine releasing an already hugely successful free to play game that involves large sums of cash changing hands, without having a strong (or any) solution in place for Bots/RMT. If you think they have any intelligence at all, this whole thing is expected to happen”