The bot situation is out of control


Bots are currently out of proportion and running our gaming experience, it’s getting worse.

I would advice a strong counter measure against the bots. Since bots aren’t real person, the game needs to implement what only a human can do to access the game.

2FA with real phone? Know your client policy? Capcha thing? Auction house shut down for a while to breathe a little?

Your economy is managed by private botting companies, it’s sad.

I believe Amazon and SmileGate have the power to act quickly and implement concrete solutions, please get on it ASAP.

Also, not acting against bots could have long term consequences, I have a good group running raids, tons of fun, but they are pissed off and will quit the game soon.

I see it like this: shutdown the bots right away by cutting everything related to trades and AH. Then, work your way to interact authentications through humans, where a bot won’t be able to log in.

That simple and effective :slight_smile:

Please act accordingly!

Thank you very much