The bots are ̶m̶i̶g̶r̶a̶t̶i̶n̶g̶ multiplying!

the bots are migrating to NA East now…

the entire weekend we have 2 servers maybe, that reach “busy” status…

now, during a monday morning, barely even 9am (EST) and we have 6 busy servers on NA East?

how long do the players have to wait before you actually do something meaninful with the bots?

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Players need to stop doing RMT in order for bots to stop fucking our game


they are coming to you


AGS needs to step up and do something. We had 1 massive banwave and all was good for nearly 3 weeks until the bots could ramp up and they haven’t done anything since except the whole VPN thing which did nothing.

Bots manipulate the market and lead to inflation this is just bad all around.

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I don’t want to get killed by a robot u.u

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AGS should do ban waves every week lmao


they should ban buyers and sellers honestly. Or temp ban buyers and strip them of their gold. They need to send a message and their current message is it’s A OK to RMT.


Exactly, they should do 1 week ban + negative gold, if they bought 1m gold remove that gold and put his account on - 1m gold

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Wasn’t the banwave that stopped it, it was removing the gold from rapport. It took them a couple weeks to rewrite the bots to farm other sources of gold.

To go with that, they need to perma ban RMT users on the first strike. They also need to quit nerfing gold rewards or if they are going to do that, either lower the gold cost for certain things like T3 honing and stronghold mat crafting or add in more sources of gold. I think the are going to double down yet again and nerf Una gold, whether by the amount in the chests or by requiring even more tokens. All this will do is make everything worse. It’s foolish for anyone to think that if they keep making gold harder to come by that more people aren’t going to turn to shady means.

Nerfing gold?

Did you knew that our version have a -3x honing gold cost? lol

I doubt they are going to touch the una’s reward

They are not migrating, they are multiplying.

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fixed :wink:

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NA east devoloped queues over the weekend as well. I’ve about reached the end of the road. I only did my mains activities last night. There is so much rmt going on that the game isn’t worth playing if you don’t rmt. Amazon isn’t doing shit to the buyers or the bots.

Game is more has more RMT players than legit.

Buy gold, boost char… at worst you get a temp 3 day ban to get rested built up on characters.

Not bots.
Just a wave of new players.

Time to stay logged in forever! Wait… I have to… work… must find an autokey app to ensure that I just run around in circles constantly and will likely get banned even if I gain nothing but the ability to play the game when I want.

Maybe I should just spam chaos with it… I will be ready for Abrelshud.

Why stop there…? I could-

checked and taken at same time…

wonder why the discrepancy

They have no bot detection in place.

The bots roam free, literally only limited to how fast they can make the accounts.

Bans are only via player reports.

We are doomed.

The situation is growing worse with each passing day. I wonder how long it’ll be until the whole catalog of servers have their status turned into busy for all hours of the day.