The bots are back, and worse than ever

the game has been (pretty-much) free of bots for a little while now, but ever since the last patch…they are EVERYWHERE. i have never seen it this bad since launch.

i understand that bots are a problem, and that you are trying to combat them, but things are supposed to get better over time, not worse.
how can you be implementing techniques to help fight bots, but it just gets worse?
whatever you are doing is not working, so i think the methods have to change.

based on the steam chart numbers…i think about 150k bots have come to the game recently, and they are all T3.

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They are absolutely not worse than ever, nor has there ever been a point where we have been free of them, there was a point with 600k bots.


just speaking from own experience, but i hadn’t really seen many bots over the last month.
haven’t seen them in person, or spamming chat, and i NEVER saw them in raids.

however since the patch, i see more bots than players, and they are spamming the chat again.
also getting the whispers and mails again (that were gone b4).
to make things worse, it’s not even safe to matchmake for guardians anymore, and i have NEVER seen that.

You are going to be ok, AGS has proven they can fight the bots quite well, it is not possible to rid the game of them, but they do a good job at culling their numbers.

each of those words was more ridiculous than the word before it xD. only thing ags has proven is that they are willing to pass on the burden of the bot fix to players with the steps they’ve taken that have been completely ineffective (3 day hold, gold source destruction, trusted, ect…) you should NEVER witness a line of bots in game and they have never not been present since this game launched smh

One fix they can do is to stop “new” steam accounts from creating a character and give out invite passes to players with established steam accounts to give to friends who wants to play the game. This way they can track as well if the given invite pass is being used to botting then ban both the sender and the receiver.

I have a friend who just recently started playing this game, and is doing the quests because the powerpasses are locked because of botters. Would’ve been nice to disable everything to steam accounts with no achievements, less than 1yr old, etc.

Pretty sure almost everyone who plays PC game has a steam account, give or take 50-70%.

600k banned in 1 week, you right.

Doubt this will happen and it will more than likely cause less people to play the game, who would want to go through their friends to get a pass to play a game?

Never in my 18 years of PC gaming have I seen a PC game free of bots taking advantage or someone creating mods to give people an advantage in a game.

Hell you can even get legal mods for some games to give yourself advantages from Steams Workshop.

Its all down to how well game developers and publishers work together to try and mitigate against them as best as they can, whether AGS/SG is doing that is another story and one I dont really have an opinion on.

It’s literally checking the user steam account age or any other parameter aside from just checking trusted status. You’d know it’s a bot if it was created recently or only has hours on lost ark. Some steam users only play 1-2 free to play game in steam and doesn’t even spend on other games in it. That alone can filter out shitload of bots.

No it can’t.

New accounts don’t automatically mean “bots”, and so what if people only choose to play 1-2 free games, that means absolutely nothing in the bigger picture. Its just a preference some people prefer.

Getting rid of bots is a very complicated process, and Game devs/publishers are really not going to listen to these crap suggestions which could really limit their game and roadmaps, as well as plans in trying to get players back.

They have a plan which they stick too when it comes to botting/RMTers, and will not change that for any of us.

the fact that 600k existed to ban shows it lol, their gold stockpiles didn’t get hit and they were back in like 48 hours smh. theres a line of 20 in the middle of nia on ladon right now haha, how is something like that possible out in the open if their was any effect? I am right unfortunately :frowning:

They realized the mistake of having too many. Bot companies will regulate bot populations so there is enough such that they can profit but not too many so that the blind bats at AGS and SG will lift a finger to do something.