The Bots Aren't Going Anywhere... Ever

I’m here to break it to you guys.

Because AGS can not do it themselves for obvious reasons.

The bots will never leave NA Lost Ark. It is never going to happen.

Nothing will ever be done to cull their numbers in a significant way and I say that with the utmost certainty.

Get used to them being in the game, in the forums, on the reddit, anywhere you can imagine.

Learn to live with them, or if it is really driving you mad, for your sake, seek sanctum.

They are now a permanent fixture in this community, and it is sad, but it is true.
Many people stand to make a lot of money from them.
And not only that, many “players” stand to benefit from them.
So good luck prying that power from their greedy fingers.

Now here is a mantra to help you deal.

I accept the bots, the bots accept me.
I accept the bots, the bots accept me.

I will not ever use or take from bots!!!

We knew robots would be living among us one day.
I just didn’t expect it to be this awkward…