The bots have already software-hacked the EAC

Wouldn’t that means it’s not the rmters fault but ags because they sell gold more expensive than rmt? I could go on with this argument till I’ve 10 pages written to give the fault to climate change or bill gates

Even if “never speaks besides to make an emote” was a real factor – which it might not be – it would be one of several considered.

Honestly I expect any kind of chat would count.

But the bots are mass produced with no contacts list, there’s no point designating a specific real account because it might get banned at any time. So there’s no reliable specific individual they can /whisper.

Most aren’t in a guild.

They’d get flagged if they spam /area chat.

So they use /normal chat which apparently is the easiest and ‘safest’ way to go. Players have given up reporting for the most part, and I can’t imagine any kind of chat filter rules are running against /say beyond the standard global bad word filter and global chat cooldown.

If you think AGS was not prepared to buyout the overseas botting companies affecting their profits for almost a year now…i dont know what greedy capitalist management they are being.

But having more bots than real customers is a big issue long term…not enough people to milk if player experience is hindered from disconnects and buggy AH.

Still YEARS worth of dyeable skins AGS never copy-pasted when the game had 5x the players.

RMTers already found ways to RMT without getting punished for it, the way AGS tries to catch cheaters is just not good enough.

Those cheating players could buy that gold from AGS for 50x as much.

Can you really blame a human for buying the identical product for hundreds of dollars less? They are not cheating, they are simply breaking a ToS agreement in the game because buying gold from GVG AGS/SG do not get their share.

I’m not advocating for GVG but let’s be real here…

If you can buy 100k from AGS/SG “legit” for $100 or
you can buy 100k from GVG “non-legit” for $10
The only cheating going on here is AGS/SG being cheated out of selling their overpriced RC bundles.

Are you in any way surprised players go GVG? It’s human nature to try and save money.

It’s not like you are buying knock off gold, it’s the same gold. It buys the same stuff.

When you open the shop → Buy → RC for 133.99 you are still doing an RMT transaction. You are using Real Money in a Transaction to AGS to buy in game wealth for yourself.

Buying from GVG is the exact same thing, only it doesn’t involve AGS/SG getting a cut so it’s against ToS. It’s no more or less morally wrong to buy AGS/SG gold as it is to buy GVG gold. The only difference is since AGS/SG own the product, they can ban you for doing it.

fun fact on NA-E the most expensive RC bundle won’t even buy you 100k gold, it’s actually 89k but from a GVG website 100k is $30. Literally better than 3 times cheaper

1 million gold GVG is $300
1 milion gold AGS is a little over $1500

To many, many people 300 is affordable 1500 is not.

I fully respect that we do not want GVG in our game, we do not want this to exist, but stop blaming the player for not wanting to get taken advantage of by a horrible pricing model.

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Exactly and if AGS/SG want people to buy their product, instead of from GVG, then you better invest more in development and make LA bot free. You have to protect your product yourself can’t blame users to go for best/faster deals. SG/AGS gold is 3-4x expensive and have 3 days hold too and I wonder why people buy from GVG. Atleast take the hold off, 3 days are ridiculous and kills the purpose of buying gold at first place and it is one of the reason why BS prices are skyrocketing.

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You have big corpa brain, Banning players = lose whale customers and game will eventually die.
Removing Bots with better protection system = better new player experience and whale customer buying from ingame store.

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