The bots have arrived at Vern and they even use the event vendor!

So easy to detect those bots. Yet here they are.


Looks like the new bot measures didn’t work, eh?


lmaoo that’s hilarious! no their bot measurements are def working! maybe not 100% but they’re working. I play the AH a lot so i need to keep up with the market and predict what’s gonna happent to make profit and one neat trick to know if prices will tank or spike is to look at gold prices on sites like g2g if they go up(which usually indicates high demand) while the in game AH prices are stable or going down it means these guys are having their gold confiscated their accounts banned and the higher they sell the the less buyers or gold injection there will be the more stable the game economy is
To add two example where the day argos update came out and today these 2 days bots got hit hard and their gold prices spiked due to their low supply


they are already for weeks there. good morning

These are not bots, the bots were taken care of, this is just a group of happy friends that decided to play together.

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I know. That’s what makes this so sad. And that’s why we need to keep opening new threads if we encounter bots. Keep speaking about it.

I swear, people see bots and think nothing has been fixed.
Like it takes 2 seconds to look at the in-game economy to see botting have an lesser impact as gold becomes more valuable and is deflating.

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They fixed “a bit” by reducing the gold rewards people can get in early game (yay for new players I guess!). Thats why the economy is more healthy. But deleteing 1 million bots did nothing, as new bots are getting created as we speak.


Put more restrictions on non-trusted steam accounts… can’t earn gold, can’t trade anything, can’t use the AH. End of throw away account spam creation… if it forces gold sellers to spend money and wait a month, so be it. This would at least kill off the small time botters for good.

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The objective of the patch was to reduce bot utility, not bot population, and i think it worked as RMT gold has gone up 40%. according to chats

Yup… the bots are back…
There are a ton of BOTS in Prideholm again…They just keep piling up on top of each other and there are trains of them running to the next quest spot…

The ‘trusted’ Steam solution is NOT working… The bots have been around for over a month and are using trusted Steam accounts, probably by just adding an item to their steam wallet, and not actually buying anything.

One way that may fix a great deal of the bot problems is possibly through using 'authentication with your phone…

True… but they have said this…
‘Players who have a Steam account in good standing and have met the small purchase requirement needed to use Steam’s social systems shouldn’t be impacted. Players who have not met this ‘Trusted’ status through Steam or Lost Ark will have reduced access to a small number of social and economic systems. Specifically, these accounts will have smaller daily Steam purchase limits than ‘Trusted’ players and be prevented from:’

So, if you have a trusted account, you are safe… but the bots can have a trusted account too as you dont even need to purchase anything. All you need to do is add something to your Steam wallet without buying it, to be trusted.
So this means that the bots will still be able to use chats to sell gold, etc.

I think that what happened with the last update, is happening again. Last update the bots were gone for around 24-48 hours. Then they were everywhere again… just 1 or 2 days…

This time tomorrow, all the bots will be back… selling gold…

1000 Gold for 0.5 USD… cheap as ever!

We better buy gold then, before the bots start selling gold again…

Ummm… is it legal to buy gold?
lol lol

Not true at all.

No one is selling gold at these rates.
You can literally look yourself.

all lvl 50, all 302, north vern, slen.

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Then you might as well charge for the game and drop the F2P from it. Right now, this game is no longer f2p with the new restrictions, might as just start charging 5.00 to play.

If you look at the sites, they are all $1.50+ for 1000 gold. I am sure in a week or two that will drop alot, but for now, it is up 400% from a week ago.

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