The bots trampled AGS underfoot

All server in 11K queue US west.what a normal player should do.


A silicon valley gigawhale put an order in over at g2gym for enough gold to hone their weapon to 25 next week. Good luck!

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i don’t understand why people keep blaming AGS for this problem. The problem truly lies with smile gate but people are giving them a pass because ???. Keep in mind the anti cheat they use in Korea IS easyanticheat. In Korea though the way you have to verify your account is more invasive of your privacy. Since this game came to steam AND is f2p, this opened a lot of doors for people to just mask their location and then bust the door with their cheat applications. This has soured the taste in a lot of people’s mouth because it feels pointless when people are just doing RMT for minimal cost and hours necessary. I think the only way to remedy this would be to get an anti cheat that works properly. This game is going to die though, people have been complaining about this for months and they don’t have any actual resolution to the problem. I know people like to clown on AGS for the problem but all they can do is tell SG and hope they do something or take it seriously. SG has been doing a terrible job so far and to me this is telling with the Director stepping down to health complications.

sure i know what u mean.AGS and SG should work together to solve the problem.

Then this gigawhale needs to be banned for life because he is coercing people to do the wrong thing… Period…

Enviska has no queue atm, so not all NA west servers

Just wait until the bots don’t like waiting in queue anymore because it cuts into their profit. :slight_smile:

I dont think bots log out much… so they dont need to log in.

The bots will get to you shortly.

They need to be more harsh on buyers and sellers. Permabans no matter what.


Is g2g owned by amazon?

What’s g2g

Because maintaining server is AGS responsibility… they are the publisher and it use their server not SGR… SGR is for KR version not NA/EU

Skynet has started.

I’d rather send AGS/SG my ID and play without bots and easyanticheat than have the current shitshow. If KR can handle the ID thing, why shouldn’t we?

About the only account they might be able to swing verification with would be an Amazon account, and that’s a potential lure to hackers aiming for identity theft. (though if the data’s verified on Amazons servers that would be behind solid security.)

Tie market and mail to a verified Amazon account that has identity attached and do ID bans from there would present a significant obstacle. Not an insurmountable one and not without major risks in terms of PR and slight legal risk, but a major one.

wtf does server have to do with anti cheat? logically this doesn’t follow anything I said. their role as a publisher is to give the developer resources. if the developer doesn’t follow through with the resources, what are they to do?

We are using server hosted and maintained by AMAZON not Smile gate…
Smilegate created Lost Ark and have their own servers in KR but NA/EU SERVERS are managed by Amazon

You gottto stop RMT*ing then! Seems like they have issue paying all the RMT’ers on US west.