The Botting and Cheating Is Insane, Forget Losing Players to Hard Content

It is absolutely insane seeing the amount of cheating and hacking that is taking place in this game with it’s supposed Anti Cheat nonsense that isn’t doing anything to prevent actual cheating. I have watched in a small little 5 minute segment while herbing in the Medrick Monestary Zone, 4 bots just being able to run through terrain, ignore actual tree and barriers, and run faster than a person on mount! This is utterly ridiculous. You are concerned about losing players because of Hard Content and intend to nerf raids. This cheating will cause more players to leave than anything else.

Why is it that some how GMs or whatever just can’t start banning the gold spammers from the start and everything else. Get some damn managers in this game that all they do is sit watch these players and ban them.


Yeah this used to bother me for a little bit, but mmo players needed to change their thinking. You just be happy with your game, don’t worry about other players. The trap many run into is that players compare themselves with other players. Just enjoy your own game. I know these bots are inflating gold prices, so just enjoy the game while it lasts, and just move on to another game when the game in unplayable, specifically the in-game economy crashing.


What an absolutely busted outlook on online gaming. “Nothing to be done, oh well, enjoy it and then move on”. Real helpful.


It would be busted if you as an individual can actually do something about it other than provide feedback. Outside of that, it’s actually in the players’ best interest to just enjoy the game and not let the bots bother you. That’s how I’ve been playing all along and it’s perfectly doable.

Easy Anti-Cheat really stands for its name, its so easy to bypass literal 12 yo can do it.


I try to do this, yet right now, understanding the inflation of the market due to all of this is also somewhat tough to swallow while being stuck in T2 for over a week now and hoping to be out of it next week. Trying to get another guy to T2 and Mat prices are insane as well as and anybody who think this game is P2W is stupid as I spent 1400 gold on mats only to see three failures of my honing. Got lucky with a skin drop in Chaos dungeon that sold for 4100g.

Anyway, I think my major complaint is the fact that the game has this “Anti Cheat” thing that splashes before the game even starts and yet, wtf is that actually doing. Furthermore, not seeing any type of action being taking on this despite them knowing it exists and just a damn little update about it, but nothing else. What is being done? This shouldn’t be that hard of an issue to resolve and take care off in the end. Hire more GMs if that is what it takes, but do something.

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It’s a sad situation. AGS has always had problems with mismanagement. They also had projects that were cancelled. I’m going to be negative because I used to work at a telecom company as a tech. When tickets are opened, technicians are not prompt because it’s their daily job. I can only imagine “technicians” at AGS, who signed up for a comfy job, looking at the tickets and just temp fixing the issue and going back to relaxing on their desk and browsing the internet.

Also did you mean this game is or isn’t P2W?

It isn’t Pay 2 Win with the RNG matter in honing. Sure I suppose someone could spend a good bit of money to get the mats to guarantee a 100% success rate with each hone, but after spending close to the 4k in gold I got from selling that skin, and my one guy still didn’t make it to 600, only have the weapon remaining to hit 600. Any one who thinks this game is P2W is an ignorant of the actual mechanics. If it was P2W I would be at 600 on my one alt by now, instead of having to wait to reset. My main is sitting at 1063 or somewhere in there. Trying to get the alt to pass on more mats of T2 to the main.

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Oh one other annoying thing, the anti cheat thing picks up on my MSI Afterburner, causing the game not to load properly. So I actually have to close out afterburner, then reopening after game launches…it picks up on that stuff, but not actual botting programs or actual hacks to the game. Crazy.


I feel that the topic on botting is quite prevalent in the NA’s thinking process, since growing up in NA we were always taught to fight battles that we see wrong. Therefore, there is always going to be a topic on what is wrong and right. Or you can be like some of us who just don’t really care and just play the game for our own amusement.

In comparison, it is like watching a lady get her purse stolen. You have 2 options, don’t do anything or run after the thief to become the hero.

In your mind, you think it is justified to catch the thief and report it to the authorities. However, on the other hand maybe that thief was starving for weeks without food and he had no other choice but to steal. Or he was really trying to steal the purse for his devilish purpose to hurt the lady. So many interpretations, but so much Fs are given.

It’s important to understand that devs will prioritize whatever feedback they feel is legitimate, and I’m sure it will be addressed in the future. Just don’t know when it the future.

It’s definitely a problem we’re actively working against right now – we’ll have more to share on this very soon


Aún no he visto en toda mi vida 1 solo juego ganar la pelea contra los bots, solo hazte a la idea que los hay y seguirán estando diga lo que diga amazon, ellos no hacen nada contra los bots ni lo harán.

Yeah, have been farming for my Adventurer Log and early game maps are just PACKED with bots with speedhacks and noclipping through walls…

Seriously, I stood in Zinnervales Proudholme (on a single channel out of 6) just literally spamming ‘report’ on bots that were at the pet introduction quests. Bots teleport in, teleport to gather rice, teleport back to the quest giver (5 meters) and teleport away.
Probably managed to report between 50 to 100 bots in 10 minutes.

So the EU-C queues might not be so many legit players anymore. Fix the bot problem and you’ll fix the queues.

Some stupid suggestions to combat the bots: put some recaptcha to the mandatory main quests, move mandatory main quest giver characters dynamically (bots rely too much on prewritten pathing), implement some server side speed limit to the characters…


Check the Dev Tracker for the answer to your question.

There is no BOTS in city jumping around u must be crazy. :crazy_face:

if you could just do what they are doing in Korea then maybe this would have been fixed. i have seen many people suggesting this. Put and ID verification system and its all solved. i mean really, i started a new character yesterday and seeing all these bots in low lvl areas is discouriging. the economy is beeing trashed. today i typed in google “lost ark official site” and the first thing that came out WAS A LEGIT WEBSITE SELLING GOLD FOR MONEY. you clearly not doing anything to fight this problem. and still zero answer about it, only “we are woking to fix this” and bla bla bla. actions not words ACTIONS. its been a nice 20 day of playing but i cant keep playing while this is happening. it is unfair to everyone. the solution is simple. you just dont want to hear anyone. HOW CAN U TRASH SUCH A GOOD GAME? already the bots are more than 50% of the people playing… like really? what the hell are you doing? the gold outside of your game is way cheapper now, you are also loosing money. i cant understand the way of thinking u guys have. thanks for the wonderfull 20 days, i will keep tracking of the forum and if it get fixed im gonna play again.

This is not and has never been on the priority list.

New World was ruined by bots for six months and nothing changed up to the point at where the game ended up with more bots and less players.

p.s. i am blocking at least 20 bots per day

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we definitely need an achievement for “bot reports” like the "friend list "one :slight_smile:

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