The bridge and why smilegate hates supports

Ok cool im glad we finally got the content, you can start at 1325 as a DPS.

so far what im hearing from other support mains is that they were unable to even do floor 22 until 1460-1475.

is it that hard for you guys to maybe balance these things for supports? not every support player has a 1415 stacked DPS alt we can just do this on, so for someone like me im at 1436 so before i can get any benefit from the bridge i need to hit 1460 + build a DPS set, maybe its just me but things like this should take into account your spec (mainly supports) and just tone down the HP a bit seems like a very simple solution

content is available to me now at 1325 yet theres no point if i need 1460 to be able to clear

i thought the bridge was supposed to help the gap from 1445-1460 this is just ass backwards for support classes and imho should really be considered

it feels pretty bad playing a support and not really being able to do the solo content available to me, at this point i can imgine 90% of supports hating their choice right about now, and then theres the other supports who dont care because they are one of the ones with a 1415+ ilvl dps to slam the bridge

its one or the other, you’re a DPS and slaughter all content without thought, or you’re a support dragging your ass through the same solo content taking 2–3 times as long as said DPS class

yes i get it DPS is DPS support is support and shouldent be able to DPS like a true DPSer but for solo content supports should get extra buffs or something to level the playing field

again the rich get richer, by the time the majority of the player base gets to floor 22 those books are gonna be dog shit cheap and not even worth the effort before the crash

i cant be the only one thinking this way

any tips are welcome


The mats and books from the bridge aren’t gonna be enough to make you hit 1460 I mean the only reason you go past 1370 is for legion raids so it’s not that big of a deal that a support cant clear it until those higher item levels. It’s a one time roster reward your complaining like it’s solo content that you would log in daily to do. If you don’t have time to play a DPS alt then I dno it’s not anyone’s fault that your asking for supports to match damage output of a DPS and clearly what your asking for is a overall nerf because they would have to do some sort of coding to make it class specific conditions

no im asking to make soloable content viable for every spec, its not that hard to tune down monster HP etc

Oh trust me if it was the other way around and allof you DPS HAD to roll a support and juice it to 1415 for content, im sure you would be sitting here making the same post.

cool YOU got time to get your main to 1460 + have a few 1415 alts, thats not the majority

why roll out content if basically 50% of your playerbase (supports) cannot do until the mats are worthless… remember this is the MMO that respects your time @_@

i just hit 1445 so the bridge mats would be huge for me right now, but i gotta slug through another 15 ilvls and probably buy a DPS set to access the same rewards you hopped on and got for free on your DPS class

you seem a little ignorant

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you know how bards get their DPS buff for 2min? things like this for solo content MAIN WORD HERE IS SOLO so that we can do enough DPS, im not asking to be a big dick ret pally in legion raids, wake up from the copium you been huffing

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No I’m not being ignorant I’m just saying you need to chill it’s not that big of a deal right now mats are cheaper than before and you can still make it to 1460 without the bridge, and if you do make a DPS it’s something you can revisit and use the mats for another character. I’m just saying you have to understand your a support your have pros like being able to get in to content with less engravings and DPS isn’t something you have to be worried about doing, where as a DPS actually needs to do DPS to contribute otherwise he’s useless.

nah, floor 25 is doable with a DPS 1370 and 4x3. In any case you will need to raise your support (if it’s your main) to 1460 at some point anyways, and is not like the bridge will be removed after some time, just try that content later.

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Ah I get it now, is for the monies not clearing the content, those books are not tradable btw…

yeah they are, i sold the 2 legendary engraving books and all the legendary honing books the day the patch came out.