The Card Catalog is full?

I just received 7 cards from packs. 2 of which let me add them to my catalog, the other 5 all give me a “the card catalog is full” dialog and nothing happens. I dont even own 1 of the cards. still cant add it. I am seeing nothing about a limit on number of cards that can be added to the catalog and as it is now i have 5 of my limited inventory slots taken up by cards I cant do anything with. Please help me fix this

@shawndrummer0123 I haven’t tried it yet, but I did see on YT that you can purchase additional card slots in-game to expand your capacity.

im not sure what you are referring to here.

the only thing I can do with money with my card catalog is as extra card slot expansions. that isnt the issue im having

it really is the problem that @haildodger mentioned. I just figured out that problem myself and im not very happy about that.

Why!!! is there a paywall for a collection mechanic. Yeah we can get a few stats out of it, but talking about +3 Vitalitity is not something someone has to pay for. The worst thing on that whole mechanic is that you are not even able to delete cards once registered.

This gives the player this 3 opportunities:

  1. Storage is full with cards / cards packs and you have to pay to expand your storage
  2. You have to pay to expand your catalog
  3. You just destroy the cards if you not willing to pay.

I love that game, but this is just pain.


You could do that on Russia version but im not seeing it on this one. Im having the same problem, card catalog is full but no way to expand it.

EDIT- I found it, its under the enhance tab, 30 gems for a single little row, WOW they are such penny pinchers in this game its almost laughable.


This is beyond ridiculous, if you are forcing people to a limited amount of free slots, the bare minimum you should do is to let us transform those loose cards in experience.


Totally agree, I actually would be happy with an option to delete useless sets I know Ill never use to make space for new sets.


WhereWhere do you find this storage?

I think many exxaggerate, just buy crystals with gold to unlock more. currently on wei like 190g for 95 crystals or 3 rows + some.

its ok =)


okay on the right top corner there is a possibility to delete them, still dont like this


I understand that you’re upset about having such a limitation to a collection mechanic.
However I disagree with calling it a paywall. That sounds like you’re required to spend real money → which is NOT the case.
You don’t need Royal Crystals, but regular one’s. Which you can get in-game through trading.
And you don’t need a lot either. One additional Bank costs 30 Crystals. It sure adds up if you want to unlock all of them → but there is no need for all at once. Just always do one or two, and once they are full you go for more.

Is it an absolute annoying and unnecessary mechanic? absolutely. 100%
but can it be opened free 2 play, without any money? absolutely. 100%


39 or 40 x30 = 1170 or 1200 to unlock all slots.

Is it even worth it?

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What you dont know is that it gets more expensive every 10 rows and you probably have to pay 2400 crystals or more in the end.

the Irony in this, 30 gems dont you think your penny pinching too over 30 gems. its a dumb mechanic sure but choose your words carefully.

Same problem. Either I pay to grow the catalog or delete cards ?

Worst system ever.

One gold to gems transaction nets 95 crystals, that is 3 additional rows. Blue crystals is just a way to charge gold while accounting for inflation. I saw earlier versions of the game where duplicates actually took space in the album, but in our version they don’t, so just a few extra rows go a long way.

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Mey, even if its viable through trading, we already have enough mechanics to spend the currency. I find this system a bit absurd tbh. If we cant add the cards to the collection just lets us transform them in to exp.

Means as well that if I dont have currency to spend and I have a good card to add, only option is chest, wasting space with that card and the next consecutive I could win or destroy them. Im not using the card sys because ppl said its end game and seems that it sinks a lot of silver to upgrade. With this at least for me is a completly ignore the system.

Btw, right now the cristals are at 400g so… if gold is important for me to progress that means a big no. Maybe you guys can farm lots of them or something, but a system that works for a few? no thank you


i wouldn’t recommend destroying cards as you’ll need them for later. I dont know if anyone has told you as I can’t be bothered reading all comments, but in the card catalogue, if you tab all the way to the right to where you “awaken” your cards, if you scroll down you can expand the card slots for 30 royal crystals

don’t delete cards, youll need them for the end game, it’s only 30 royal crystals to expand, you could use gold earned in game to convert into royal crystals

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