The changes made to help players progress have killed the economy

We need ways to aquire gold. The amount of players I see at 1370-1385 that are “ready to raid” have terrible gear and even worse enchantments, many without gems also. They have no way to aquire gold to fix this issue and I think it needs to be addressed ASAP.

You can fix those problems without ever needing gold.

I think these are just players who don’t care about their engravings etc, you can buy a +3 +0 -1 accessory for about 50-100 gold, you don’t need to buy gems to do Argos or any content either, and I don’t think many people even know tripods are a thing.

You should be able to gear up 3/3/2 engravings for around 1k gold, 3/3/3 may take 5-10k gold depending on how patient you are. While gold is much harder to get there are ways to get gold just by selling some average accessories for 50-500g each from your dailies.

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