The chat filter is a joke and we should be able to disable it if it is this bad

Basically the title, not sure if someone has posted this case expecifically, if it’s already been posted I’m sorry I’m too angry to search for this.
In my case I’m trying to talk on the area chat in portuguese and the filter simply won’t let me talk, I’m trying to help people understand the systems of the game and this filter won’t even let me send the message, I spend a few seconds typing a long text for the filter to simply not let me send the message, this is beyond ridiculous, I can’t even hold a conversation with people anymore because the game won’t let me, just to prove my point, this is the phrase I was trying to type in chat: “vai em alt + c, clica em enhance e desce até o final, nao é caro” which is roughly translates to “go on alt + c, click on enhance and go down until the end, it’s not expensive”.
I was trying to explain how to get more card slots to a person that was asking on the area chat, I’m sorry if this is a lot but I’m just really angry as this is not the first instance of this.
This is made even worse when you see the chat and people can type some awful things, and the filter won’t do anything.
PLEASE, for my sanity and the sanity of so many other people, allow us to turn this filter off or at least make it do its function properly, this is just maing me hate to chat with the game chat.
This is the part of the filter I’m referring to:


I agree, it’s a mess for others languages than english… also there’s some accents that does not correctly for pt-br language, for example the letter ã that is replaced to other letters like # or ^

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