The chat filter is absolutely ridiculous and needs to be toned back

whoever thought the word “kill” needs to be censored in an mmo that revolves around killing things should be fired.

just one of many absolutely ridiculous examples of this chat filter being completely insane.

you’re not making the world a better place by implementing this.

and not giving us an option to turn the filter off actively makes the game worse.


Kill is censored, murder isn’t. A lot of things are censored for no good reason, I think “email” is, too. I am HOPING this is just some sort of bug because I can type in Spanish just fine.

it was the same last Beta
we literally cant communicate properly because weird ass censors.
it censors words randomly if letters of the censored word are at the end and start of each word, so it combines them, and it censors both words.
It’s weird.

Very annoying. Give option to turn off or only censor words that need to be.

the filter chat is a joke, and not a good one. It is extremely restrictive and deminish the freedom-and writting quality- of speech a lot. Seriously it filters some crazy things sometimes.

we need a filter off option.

Half of the Polish words are censored for no reson add the option to remove filter