The classes that didn´t have skin umar are obliged to pay

I was all this time saving gold to buy a new suit for my BLADE and it turns out that the only new suit can only be bought with real diamonds. They should have at least let them be tradable to be able to buy it at least at auction, it’s very complicated to buy diamonds when there is still no price regionalization in the game and even then, weren’t we supposed to not feel obligated to spend money? why isn’t the suit tradable for those classes that can’t enjoy a new suit this month without having to pay for it? @Roxx

The Stern skins should be tradeable.
But there is a new limit of needing to wait 3days after purchase before they can be put on market.

So at least the Stern ones should appear 3 days from now on market for gold.

Same with Umar?
Think they have the same. Just not dyable. I am not in game currently.

There is no Umar skin for Assassin or Gunslinger.

Exactly, for the assassins and the gunslinger there are only the stern ones that can be bought with real diamonds, the other classes have the umar skin that can be bought with blue diamonds.

OP - you do realize this is completely f2p game right?

Not partial, not buy expansions or DLC, but 100% no subscription fee, no cost to download base game software, zero cost for all current and future expansions, DLC, classes, content, etc.

If there weren’t at least some things that can only be bought with real life cash, but instead allow them to be bought with game currency, this game wouldn’t exist because entire business model depends on some portion of player base buying some amount of cash purchases.

We are not talking about whaling or p2w, just rock bottom business model of a 100% f2p game with zero mandatory costs can’t be made much less keep servers online if there weren’t some items that can’t be gotten any other way than actual cash.

Remember this?

Amazon gotta make back the money from removing Yoz Jar somehow. :rofl:

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Well, they wouldn’t have removed the legendary costumes if you were right, they themselves said they did not want us to feel “obliged to pay real money”.

What an inefficient way to do it, they would earn more with summer suits, they don’t even do that right.

There is a vast difference between what they politely say, and to be fair might even sincerely mean - vs. know with absolutel confidence via financial models that X% of players will convert to some paid purchase, and avg paid transaction will be Y dollars, euro, whatever your local currency.

So yes, they can and have said that - but a 100% f2p game model also forces them to make some items only able to be acquired via cash. Which they have clearly implemented.

So in the quote you provided, you are missing the unspoken part - ‘they do not want [all] players to FEEL obliged to pay real money’….(unspoken part: but know with absolute certainty, quantified every month by proven spending patterns, that enough portion of player base will voluntarily pay real money)

Do you really believe that even if they are sincere in the statement they don’t want ALL players to feel obliged, that they don’t design the game and store with explicit intent to make at least some players feel obliged?

I’m not complaining about this model btw or think evil, etc, just telling you it is a logical outcome required to keep servers online if there is zero paid subscription or fees of any kind, which is what LA is.

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