The communication between AGS/Smilegate and the playerbase is once again substandard

You pledged multiple times in the past to improve communication.

@Roxx, I appreciate you, but “You’ll know when it’s ready” and literally not a single other word is not what one would call proper, improved, communication. Obviously they have been some internal delays. Communicate about them. Tell us what is delaying you.

Is it a bug that popped up and you can’t fix? Is it some sort of horrendous spaghetti code due to the mashup of different version that makes up our current client? Is it on your end (QA-testing and Servers) or is it from Smilegate’s end (the build itself isn’t even ready for testing).

Speak up, anything. Give up something to grasp. Give us something to hope for (“Oh, it’s not that bad, it’s only a bug they need to fix”). You actually did it with the Glavier + South Vern release, where you explained why there was a potential delay in sight.

Do it again

This isn’t just a random small update. It’s a major release of a difficult new raid. People are planning a lot of things around it and more information is extremely welcome. This cloud of confusion and uncertainty that’s going on is basically killing a large portion of the hype that should’ve been generated by the soon release of Vykas.

Please, communicate more with us. Don’t just promise to communicate better, and then fail to do so.




again? when was it good? kek


“Once again, in this different instance” is more what I was thinking when I wrote it.

I feel like we’re constantly lowering our expectations, yet they manage to always disappoint.


was more a jab at amazon then you. keep good post

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I think one of the things I like the least is how they say, example, “June roadmap” and release the June content in the last week at best, when it’s almost the next month. That makes no sense.


To be honest, if they are so far off an actual releasable build that delays such as these can easily happen, I’d say don’t mention a month at all.


This has been my personal biggest complaint about the game so far, other than pheons of course.

I’d be fine waiting weeks and weeks for any content as long as they tell us the issue and what they’re doing about it. I liked the glaivier response personally, and was able to laugh over the memes in the official discord. Luckily they handled it and released the content on time.

I’d even be happy if they split up the content a bit more as well, give us what’s working and delay just what isn’t working as long as they’re open about it.

We were promised more communication and it feels like a consistent let down.


Yeah, or just let us know beforehand that they won’t be able to keep the schedule, not like, 1 or 3 days before the supposed release.


I can understand why they can’t really do that. To be honest, I’m amazed they managed to get this spaghetti of different versions working as a coherent entity. It’s interesting going through the korean patch notes and realising “Oh we have x from back then, but we also have this from this patch but no that from the same patch… etc”

Yeah, or just let us know beforehand that they won’t be able to keep the schedule, not like, 1 or 3 days before the supposed release.

Exactly. The problem, I think, most people have isn’t per-say the delay. But the complete silence. It makes it feel like they knew all along that they weren’t sure that they could release it, but said nothing.

If instead, we were told “Oh, we’re just found an issue and facing it might delay the update” I think a lot less people would be upset.

Of course it’s possible that they thought they could deal with the issue only to find out too late that, well, they can’t. But in this instance, again, they can say exactly that: “We thought we had it in hand, turns out we were wrong. We apologise for the delay.” But they don’t say anything.

They seem extremely reluctant to admit to faults specifically. They are always apologising but they are rarely specifying what exactly they did wrong. They just say “We’ll do better in the future”

Well, frankly, these are the excuses I was using on my mom whenever she berated me “I’m sorry I didn’t do it, I’ll improve in the future!”


I agree that it would be good to at least get confirmation if vykas is NOT coming out this thursday.

Want to give my gf a heads up if i can hang with her thursday night :slight_smile:


+1 . AGS / SG apologized so many times about piss poor communication and nothing has ever changed. Good job on the bots but communication is the #1 thing you need to build a good relationship with the community. Learn this 1 easy trick and maybe you’ll gain some respect


Agreed, would like more transparency.


You’ll know when start to raining :clown_face:

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The level of incompetence is unreal. Every major patch gets delayed and every patch comes with a surprise bug lmao. The patch notes are terribly written and read like a summary rather than a detailed outline of implementations and changes. The notes themselves come as a surprise a day before the actual patch too.
Will Amazon improve from this? I highly doubt they are capable. It has been MONTHS and there has been no significant improvements to communication. Everything they say about improving communication is just PR talk but they don’t have a real concrete plan. The devs are also too scared to show themselves to the community and hide behind CMs to avoid backlash.


The actual devs usually have nothing to do with what’s going on. Especially so once you consider that the devs here are in Smilegate.

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those devs are the reason why everything is being delayed and why decisions are the way that they are (like not receiving stronghold buffs for vykas). they refuse to communicate reasons for their decisions and they continue to act selfishly because they are faceless and nameless. this is why i dont believe ags or smilegate has good intentions for NA/EU.


You have to understand, the devs have literally 0 power in companies like these.

The devs are just expendable tools. It’s the higher ups that are in charge of actually communicating and doing things. The managers. No the devs.


that’s…exactly it