The communication between AGS/Smilegate and the playerbase is once again substandard

You have to understand, the devs have literally 0 power in companies like these.

The devs are just expendable tools. It’s the higher ups that are in charge of actually communicating and doing things. The managers. No the devs.


that’s…exactly it

Communication is pretty subpar when it comes to the monthly updates. I thought they were heading to the right direction with how early we got the Valtan update notes.


It feels more like its a SG AGS communication issue, SG doenst give enough information and AGS dont want to say much because they have nothing solid from SG

It also goes to show that there is only one apparent CM given how people are most likely to tag Roxx. We know what is going on, there is no point to even bother.

I know this situation has been frustrating and confusing; I have been unable to share any details which is frustrating for me as well. There will be information coming this week that we can share with players.


before thursday ?


can you explain whats the confusing part? because i still dont know whats so confusing, we as the community arent confused, since the release should’ve been this week and everything pointed at this thursday


Can you ask someone who’s in charge of making decisions to come face the player base instead of sending someone else to take the heat? Clearly he/she (whoever it may be) doesn’t have enough respect for the players to allow for clear communication with players.


Just wanted to butt in and say INCREDIBLE JOB! :clap: bots have been down and the economy is finally starting to heal. Whatever was done, worked. Keep up the good work :blush:


So pretty much confirmed patch isn’t this week right?

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That’s what it’s looking like honestly. I’m not holding my breath for an update this week.

Actually the release should’ve been on the 16th which was the initial target date. Delay happened and people were hoping it would be this week instead. The login maintenance is often a giveaway of their target dates for monthly patches.

Personally i’m fine with another week of delay because of a 5 day trip and i don’t wanna pug vykas. However it is disappointing likely from SGs end that they can’t communicate sudden changes or issues well to AGS or even meet their deadlines. I would like to hope these things get better but every month my expectations keep getting lowered. Though the bot culling was actually good for once.


we knew the patch wasnt this week when they didnt give a teaser last week. they dont need too come out and prove a negative.

the lack of a teaser is all the proof anyone should need. if you do not see a teaser with a release date, assume its not coming out that week.

Can you just tell us Smilegate devs are shitting the bed and thats why you guys have no idea whats going on? I feel like SG dodges all of the heat


we got a twitter teaser already 7.june

well we got for valtan news 2 days before release, lets wait for tuesday

I don’t care about Vykas anymore. Please release the mileage currency, rewards, and the 2021 KR swimwear outfits. That’s the true end game.


1 more week killing valtan in 30 min, killing argos in 15 min and alt f4ing the game


while yes that is technically a teaser

i meant more like a teaser video/gif that shows the date (which they have done for both the april and may update). they have given us the release date atleast a week ahead on 2 major patches in a row.

so it stands to reason they will do it for vykas, so if we do not know the date and we are say 3 days away from patch day then that patch day isnt vykas day.

i mean nothings really going to change with vykas

because your going to kill vykas in 30minutes, kill valtan in 20 minutes then kill argos in 10 minutes and then alt+f4.

then later on doing 3 days will be the new norm for us, with clown replacing argos.