The communication between AGS/Smilegate and the playerbase is once again substandard

You can’t delay a date if you don’t announce it, you just point out the month and release it on the last week.
Also apologize and promise better communication, while failing to deliver anything similar to what every other region has.

Nice logic, AGS would love you.

Nice strategy - never announce a date and then no one can ever hold you accountable.


to be fair they said targeting mid-June but thats not a guarantee. Anyone with a braincell about how good AGS is as a company knows mid-June means 1% chance mid-June 99% mid-July

Are they just gonna cut the cord and say screw it, dead? Cause I enjoy this game and want the experience the content … would hate for that to happen

This makes a lot sense!

So, What time of the day do you guys think we will get an update today? with maybe a disappointing one, or maybe a big surprise (copium)

probably something like 3pm est like always

Watch them repost the road map with the headers like:
June July
July August

If so, our feeling about the game will start to deeply hurt. In a few months, nobody will resist this psychological torture. It’s not ethical build this abusive relationship with their community.

This week is done tomorrow is reset , still no info?

Still on Schedule boyz


So that’s how AGS looks at the calendar, makes sense.

watch people legit quit the game after this

Agreed, but inside I really hope they don’t disappoint us, as much as i think im just on hopium :melting_face:

@Roxx has already stated that they are just as frustrated with the lack of communication. She has been blocked from being able to communicate certain things with us. Not really sure what we do at this point. It is extremely frustrating that content is being repetitively delayed and we are not being informed of what’s happening.

Here’s my 2 cents from a low forum activity dude (just read shit) cause I play all day Lost Ark: this is BS. The whole “support pack” debacle, the “no honing buff on vykas release”, the constant delays and bad implementations of patches, the bot issues… this is just BS.



(typing something cuz above not is clear to forum)

Sorry, maybe I didn’t understand your question correctly myself, but Zae’s comment where he says “BS” stands for “Bull sh*t” I believe.

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Can we at least get a reason behind why you are not able to share, @Roxx ?

People are speculating, and this does not look good on any front. We dont need clarity of situation, we need clarity that SOMETHING is happening at least.