(The community) first: "where are new classes and the roadmap?" now: "new classes and the roadmap is a joke" - lol

also pls add new character slots. there are people, which already have 12 characters and cant have more

We will be adding new character slots in the near future; the roadmap is not exhaustive of every single change or patch note we will make


with lance master? i’m already at max characters

Why are we only getting 1 class on April, when the community told you we want you to add them faster? This isn’t anything different than the leaked roadmap?


I am hoarding mats for Artist and it’s still not here. 1 Class per month dude?.. So I guess Artist is in 6-7 months…fk…


i don’t understand this even ERBS can release 4-5-6 month road map , why these 2 big company can’t do that . I mean for example : x amount of people were waiting for Scouter : Y amount of people waiting for Arcana , if they see when those classes release , it makes those people much more happy and keep farming or keep in the game , really i lost my interest to play game after delayed arcana don’t even know when will scouter come out … soon i guess

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So much this. It’s actually so cringe. Nobody is ever happy (especially on the forums) about anything in games these days.

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Honestly, really good roadmap. Super clear with direction its heading and what to expect.

Gives my roster and I clarity.

Thank you.


They push back Valtan, too, to give people plenty of time and they’re still mad. Yikes.

@Roxx @Shadow_Fox thank you. I recognize I’m gonna get lambasted as a shill, but I appreciate the patience you’ve demonstrated over the past month. I also appreciate the adjustments made by the devs at Smilegate and the publishers in AGS to our content pacing. Thank you.

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Glad to see the roadmap. Unfortunately you can’t please everyone AGS and SMG… sucks to accept it but it’s the truth

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Please communicate with the team we want this as soon as possible, thank you, Roxx.

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I agree with you! I think delaying Valtan is a great decision.
I am a little bit upset that Arcana was delayed (I am an Arcana main at heart), but it’s it’s clear they did it to make people happy by moving lance master so close.
Great job @Roxx And the whole team!