The community was happy, with Arcana after the Destroyer

It was generally agreed that a good part of the community had no complaints regarding the leak that said that Destroyer would come and then Arcana. Instead, they brought in the Lance Master, advertised the Destroyer and didn’t even mention the Arcana. Arcana, Bard and Summoner are the subclasses that have existed in the mage since the game’s creation, we don’t deserve to wait that long for something that should already be here.

GIVE ARCANA AND SUMMONER FOR US! They weren’t supposed to be “released” classes, they were supposed to be here.




i don’t even condone drip feeding classes but i really don’t appreciate someone like you just straight up spit lies about the community being happy at that time


Arcana and Summoner are the most requested classes by the forum. But you are not ready for this dialogue.

And even more people were happy with Lance Master before Destroyer.

Back then arcana and summoner were nowhere near the most popular.

It’s just a hype that has passed. The same thing will happen with the Destroyer. It doesn’t mean anything.

Isn’t Arcana requested by literally the least amount of players?

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Scouter and artist are way more requested.


it doesn’t matter which classes are the most requested classes, when has the community ever been happy? or did you just selectively ignore that infamous poll of over 17k participants in the forums where there were almost 60% combined voteds for lance master and artist? stop lying

people like you would twist facts to fit whatever agenda you wanna push and it’s fucking disgusting

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What are u talking about lmao…Everyone wants Scouter and Artist


It’s ok to share your thoughts, but never speak about the majority of the forums or playerbase without providing sources and material.

This community will eat you alive

I don’t care, as long as Arcana and Summoner come every day there will be a different post from me here requesting them. There’s only 1 dps mage class, and it’s horrible! There’s no different gameplay, it’s the same as all mages in all mmorpgs.

And that’s exactly why the majority wanted Sorc.

keep throwing tantrums heh

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Lancemaster, Scouter, Artist, and Reaper have pretty reliably been the four most popular unreleased classes. So pretty much everything BUT the ones mentioned in this thread.

Not that I think popularity is a great rubric for release order, but that’s not what the thread is about.

Look, I know it sucks, we all want to play our class. But we all know one will have to come last.

Also, take a look at this;

But the mistake of AGS is exactly “release” arcana and summoner. They go along with the game, they weren’t “released” classes.

I don’t completely disagree with you here. I think it would’ve been smarter to only launch with KR launch classes and release newer ones at a faster rate, and at least keep them in the same general order. That would’ve solved a lot of the problems they’re having with skin availability if they go that route too.

However, there are likely other interests at play and like it or not, that’s not what AGS and Smilegate chose to do.