The content being nerfed is a GOOD thing

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I agree that content whitch only has 10% success rate has to be nerfed.
Nerfing guardian raids and abyssal dungeons is a good thing to do, to let
new players like myself, keep playing the game and enjoy it.

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guys it doesnt even matter cuz the game dont even start till t3 plus the rewards for the guardians nerfed arent even worth the time put in

I’m not a “hardcore” gamer, and cleared content just fine. All I queued with were pugs. Did I have to find new groups, or look up tips on how to beat bosses occasionally? Yup. But that’s kind of to be expected. You’re SUPPOSED to learn and grow as a player. Also… being in a guild doesn’t mean you need to be social. You can just have a like-minded group of people to queue for dungeons with and stuff. I saw another thread where someone was complaining it took them ten minutes to kill a guardian boss with their boyfriend as if that’s a long time… like… have people never played monster hunter before? Killing stuff in end-game is not meant to be handed to you. It may take 10 minutes to kill a boss. You may have to and should watch tutorials for things. Smh.

The content is not hard, you just need to understand the mechanics. I have a neuromuscular disease and I have still cleared content and am working my way up T2 to T3 content. Oh and I did it on all one character. I have 0 alts and I’m 1040ilvl. Lmao.

Speak for yourself. I only play MMOs to flex my chad mounts to the town pleb.

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I disagree with the nerfs. I don’t think 10 minutes is a long time.

But people need to stop justifying Guardian Raids with monster hunter.

The premise of monster hunter is that you are roleplaying a hunter. In Lost Ark, you do not roleplay a hunter. You roleplay a vessel for the Ark or whatever. A hunter roleplay game is different from an MMO.

Features that hunter roleplay games should have:

  • Tracking. Maybe even tasting the monster’s poop to see if they’re pregnant or some shit like that. In MH world, you look for tracks to be able to find a monster
  • Reading the monster’s body features and language for signs of weakness. In monster hunter (lets say diablos), you can break two horns, the webbing on their wings, their back, their legs and cut off their tail. When they’re low on health, they limp. When they’re REALLY low on health, they retreat to their lair to rest.
  • Gathering intel. Most of the monster’s features are hidden from you until you’ve killed them, at which point they’re added to your encyclopedia.

A themepark MMORPG… does not need these things. It’s fine for lost ark not to have 10 breakable parts for each monster, or for them to limp or retreat to their lair… because it’s not a hunter roleplay game. But going by this same logic, a themepark MMO should have stagger bars and health bars. A themepark MMO should have free and permanent flares

Smilegate needs to stop pretending guardian raids are a good hunter roleplay mode because Lost Ark as an isometric game will never have that same immersion

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Never had an HP buff on our version that could be removed, we have same difficutly than any other region

As long as we have EXACTLY the same version like they have in KOREA im ok with any nerf. But if we in WEST having the “casual” version of the real deal, im literally out.

Ive been in many guardian raids/ Abyss dungeons with people who not only they didnt have a proper engraving setup but they didnt even drink a single potion while dying left and right.

By nerfing T1/T2 to make it “fun” for those who dont even put the effort to make few potions, engrave/gem their gear properly, learn their rotations, read/watch videos about encounters etc will LEAD to T3 NERF eventually because with this mentality by nerfing all those guys who cry about difficulty now will get slammed to a difficulty WALL and theyll start crying again that T3 is way too difficult …

Again i repeat, we want the SAME version as Koreans and not a casual version for west.

This person brought really good points about the whole situation NERFS Ruining Lost Ark? My thoughts as a KR veteran - YouTube

People really need to calm down, these changes are good for the game.

Why do people ask others for sources while stating obvious assumptions and not posting sources themselves?

Really detracts from your stance. Don’t ask for sources, then state “most people play mmos to socialize” and not provide your own source to back up your claim.

Cleared first set of abyssals with randoms, same with guardian raids.

Guardians are boring from how simple they are. Just takes time.

Abyssal do take longer explaining mechanics until the team works together then it goes nice. And is the ONLY thing that feels like an accomplishment on this game (i found everything else dull and super boring, still can’t understand the hype)

Did 480 abyssals on sunday and beating them felt awesome.

Casual here btw, 530 ilvl and founder with a work too. Thing was doable if you wanted to do it

If you want the KR version, why are you not playing on the KR version?

Seems like you’re just setting yourself up…

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By that point the playerbase will have settled, casuals will focus their gameplay around completion % and events which there will be a lot of.

More than enough to keep them not really caring too much that it might take them a lot of materials and attempts to progress.

Hardcores are the most likely to leave from burn out and frustration.

Just some real facts for fun :

Is that a proper answer ?

Then ill answer back with your logic. If you want a casual mmorpg why dont you go back to WoW or try Diablo 2 facerolling everything ?

You see, thats not a proper answer. Im not korean sadly or else would be there already

Yes, well maybe I’d buy engravings for fkin T1 (and/or spend the time to do that even if could aford it) for guardians if you ppl didn’t inflate gold within 3 weeks by having T3 available from launch (and 25% of server pop being bots).

The boat for KR clone has sailed…including/starting with the part where they added guardian hp from beta (I think, it’s still not clear since we got a guy testing it solo but maybe multiplayer multiplier is higher now) and “ending” with “here are 2 lvl 50s for free which you have no idea how to play, enjoy being in raids with those guys” (and also doing another 35 to 80m of guardians on each of those free 50s that you also go daily)…and passing though all the “censorship”.

EDIT: and oh yea, which KR version do you want us to get? The one that nerfed even legion raids 3 weeks in? So 3 lockouts are fin then they nerf it for us too? Or straight up get the nerfed version?

You have valid points but that doesnt mean nerf is the answer to keep players happy. You think nerf will be only HP related , i dont think so. We will see.

Yeah now guys with zero potions on them, not even their class engraving on, with random engravings/gems, not even use proper builds/rotations will kill everything and this is the way for them to learn the game

EDIT : I want the same version as the original whatever that is, nerfed or not. Thats all

To be fair, there’s a whole questline in Lost Ark on an island where you are meant to hunt guardians and become a guardian investigator. So if you’re relating roleplaying a ‘hunter’ in games like monster hunter to this, then technically, the roleplay is there in Lost Ark. Lost Ark just doesn’t have the capability to be as in depth as monster hunter, IE chopping off tails, etc. Except there are fights even in lost ark where you need to target specific body parts in order to break or disrupt the guardian. The main point with relating monster hunter to lost ark guardian raids, are that they take time and learning/knowing the different moves, attacks, rotations, weak points, etc.

That is true. It should be HP only. (And abyss dungeon needed more ingame explaining not whatever weird nerf I’m expecting from AGS.)

Agreed, people don’t think about long term growth but instant gratification.

Coming from XIV Savage and Ultimate raiding where there’s a lot of mechanics that’ll wipe the raid if you get it wrong, it’s long been a thing of making the fights easier after a few months through the Echo system.

Savage fights are at their hardest on day 1, when you’re minimum iLevel and learning it blind, the more you gear, the faster you clear, the easier it gets til eventually the tier is irrelevant to the raiders.

So people going into fights overgeared? You’re effectively fighting at reduced difficulty because higher health, more defense and more damage.

So applying that same logic to this

Most of us are now well beyond the initial T1 raids now, some are even in T2 on their alts

So the “but it’s easy” argument

Of course it is, you’re not at minimum iLevel anymore. You kill the bosses far quicker than a new player and can just outright ignore some mechanics because your hp and defenses allow you to, your damage means enrage will never be an issue, it wont even be close.

If you went in already overgeared (T1 island farm), you didn’t fight the raid at it’s true difficulty, you went in with a handicap so you’re not in a good place to judge the difficulty.

The boss fights are all tuned for the minimum iLevel and we already beat them a while ago at that iLevel.

So while I personally don’t think they should be nerfed, it’s not that it really matters right? It’s irrelevant content to anyone Midcore or above anyway because we grossly outgear it now.

So if they want to offer new players a helping hand over that first hurdle, who is it hurting?

Because it certainly isn’t hurting anyone that already beat the fights and are T2 and above, they already have a gear advantage anyway.

Do you think all those newcomers or casuals who cry for nerfs about T1, wont do the same for T2 ? Then youll say who cares we are T3 ? And when and if all those casuals make it to T3 what then ? There is no T4 for us to be and guess what … Theyll be crying about T3 being very hard and ask for nerfs too ! You really want that ?

You are right with minumum ilvl that is why i wont be bothered with HP nerf on guardian raids. But Abyssals ? Ehm