The crystalline aura in Korea gives more effects in the stronghold than NA

The crystalline aura in Korea gives 1 extra normal mission and 1 extra special mission in the stronghold. It also gives 1 extra structure slot and 1 extra outfit slot in the Manor for the stronghold. Anyone who has a max stronghold and does crafting should realize the added potential this has for great crafting success chance.

I think by now people have enough stronghold sailors to make great use of the extra mission slots.

As someone who loves stronghold content, please include this in our version of the game please!




in korea you can’t buy with blue crystals btw


Fair point, but that does not mean we should get less. Typically in NA we get the same content as Korea even if the delivery method is changed. Like pet stats for example we still change them but we don’t have to use blue crystals to do so.

so no bifrost without paying?


But they also get even more effects like increased sailing speed

Korea version is toxic p2w trash. Stop using as example for how to implement the game here.


so if they also change the payment method so you have to pay real $ for the aura crystalline same as KR, no more blue crystal, you will still buy it right?

typical na players
basically all they want is to get the same benefits and freebies and every good stuff as kr gets without paying as much or even paying

typical communist

Why would we want to pay for honing to soft reset gear 6 times. Or buy to change pet stats… oh man it sound really exciting to have a separate store just for people who whale. You can only get this mount if you spend $2k lmfao. You just want to feel exclusive and special that you can afford something others cant. Every single p2w game has these guys trying to fill some void in their ego. Like that guy who spend 100k on diablo immortal then mad he cant pvp matchmaking. Who cares. You spend 100k theres not even a game to play its just bully and ego on display. Toxic gatcha community of weebs bleeding into every game trying to normalize gambling addictions. Your life sucked before you spent 100k and it will suck after too.

the op cant even respond anymore

he realized how dumb what he just said

well, hopefully he did