The Cube is the most boring content in the game

The Cube provides little rewards for 10 minutes of repetitive runs. It was fun the first few tickets but after the 20th ticket. It feels like a chore.

Even after using the 3x tickets/run method, I still have over 100+ T3 cube tickets across all characters. Sometimes I just completely forgot about this content.

Would be nice if the Devs lower the Cube ticket drop rate, but increased the rewards. Or just overhaul this entire mini-game, making it more interesting. We already got the Tower, ThroneSpire and Boss rush. Compare to those contents- the Cube feels unnecessary and unrewarding.


Until you drop that legendary engraving from the chest and go full +7k gold then Cube is the best

Plus I appreciate all the juice they give to hone with that extra % so I don’t mind cube at all.

Agreed. I usually just send out my ship for the cube because I hate doing it.



the reward doesn’t change the fact that its just boring dude

Then don’t do it m8 nobody forcing you

I’ll take my 6XX bloodstones, juice, card exp and chance for engraving books gladly!


Cube rewards don’t scale well with higher ilvl.

Then don’t do it, just send ships from stronghold


I hate Cube Survival Challenge so god damn much. Gotta git gud

a monkey can clear survivals assuming you don’t just get murdered by desync

“Hey this content is really dull”

“tHeN dOn’T dO iT dURrRr”

It’s a good weekly task to complete, it does provide decent drops at times and all in all it’s worth doing.

None of that makes it any less boring and it could really use some spicing up to make it a more enjoyable experience. Special Dispatches are better used elsewhere, so each week you likely will find yourself running 1 per character for the weekly.

Same with Boss Rush. These have become almost afk worthy as everything gets 1-2 shot. These need to scale into a new tier for better rewards and more interesting fights.


Now you know what killed me

shame fun is subjective and catering the content to your pallet would put other people in your current position

It is pretty terrible content. Especially as you out level and it and there is 0 challenge it.

I hate Cube, the only time I think Cube is bearable is when I solo it with my main, basically treat it as Advanced Chaos Dungeon…

I agree with the OP, cube runs are so goddamn boring.
They should halve the stages from 20 to 10.
I also appreciate the 72,000 silver from the weekly una’s task.
The drop rate for tickets shouldn’t be nerfed but I agree they need to change something.

I wish boss rush got more tickets than cube. Boss rush is pretty fast and we all need gems.

Cube is good for silver but outside that it just isn’t rewarding for how shit the experience is.

The Cube is such a conceptually great piece of content that is executed very poorly. They need to remove all the “normal” mob stages and create at least 50 more rooms filled with unique gimmicks and encounters. It’s unfortunate that there is such a small amount of rooms in t3 as they could reuse some of the unique ones from t1 and t2 cube like the one where you have to chase down the Totoikis. Most rooms are just waiting for spawns it’s such a shame.

More interesting lucky/unlucky effects and more gimmicks and bosses would make cube actually fun.

Boss rush is the same way. Conceptually it’s quite appealing but it’s just a closet for them to not waste their story and dungeon bosses without any care put into the design.

Both Cube and Boss Rush should get at 1415 version that actually has some thought put into the encounters. Maybe even have an equalized “inferno” mode for both for slightly better rewards?

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you don’t have to do it. there’s literally a special dispatch in your stronghold for cube.

Cube is great for silver tho!!

yeah unless you’re unlucky and that legendary engraving book is worth 10 gold… i got 5 legendary engravings from doing cube and NOT A SINGLE ONE IS WORTH MORE THAN 10 GOLD. man why such useless engravings exist…