The cube quest stuck on completed

Had several purppe and chain quests stuck the same way, retaking them after abandoning doesnt help nor does verifying game files via steam, the same problem is occuring with the horning guide quest

Would be thankful if anyone has any idea how can i solve this

Hello @kizani ! I really hope you are well today in general. :mountain_snow: :mountain: :volcano: :crossed_swords:

I understand your situation and thank you for providing the steps that you tried.

Additional, I would like to know if you closed the game/also steam, re-installed the game and then checked steam’s files.

Just to confirm and make a double check with the picture that you shared, you proceed to do this actions,like:

  1. Make sure you’re interacting with the correct NPC and have completed all quest requirements.
  2. Double check your Quest Journal to see if the quest can be completed from the menu.
  3. From the Quest Journal, attempt to Abandon and restart the quest.

But if the issue persist, our best suggestion is that please contact live support to escalate this situation with the game.

Click here:
Live Support

Where it says ‘‘Contact us’’ .

Our peers on live support can create a ticket to escalate this inconvenience, they will need additional information.


what you do here is click your ‘ongoing quests’ button just below your map and you should be able to claim your rewards there. the quests that say [completed] usually just require you to click on them and claim the rewards if theres no npc associated with it