The current method of content lock out is bad for the game

Lost Ark revolves around doing your daily and weekly content on multiple characters. Sure, you can choose to only focus on one character, but then your gold income falls off a cliff. People are heavily incentivized to complete everything on as many characters as they can. This leads to many negative aspects such as:

  1. Causes burnout
  2. Encourages bussing
  3. Discourages learning parties or weaker parties
  4. Discourages doing more than a few pulls on content/encourages fast disbands after failure
  5. Discourages doing other content

The game desperately needs other interesting things to in it. I think the best idea I’ve heard from SG was when they announced all the alternative modes. Who will play them though? Who will take time to do these things when they are caught up in the rat race of finishing all their legion raids?

Content should not be character focused. It should be account focused. This would require an adjustment to how much rewards the content gives, but SG needs to give players room to breathe. They need time. People in KR are getting burnt out with doing 3 legion raids and kyangel on every character they have every week. Who but the maximum grinders and streamers can do anything else?

Other MMO do account based weekly clears and guess what, you actually have the time to enjoy the rest of the game!


“Other MMO do account based weekly clears and guess what, you actually have the time to enjoy the rest of the game!”
like which one exactly?
how would you implement weekly clear? you still have six characters that you need to do raids with. either you mean that you clear it only once each week and therefore lose 5/6 of your loot? or do it once but the rewards you get are multiplied by the number of characters that can do that content?

Well no, the idea is you wouldn’t have 6 characters you’d have to clear with. You pick who you want to clear with and that’s that. I’m not certain how they should distribute the reward exactly. Do you pick a medium level of reward between 1 and 6 character clears? Those grinding out 6 character raids wouldn’t be happy. The cut to gold generation might be better for the economy though thinking about it. A more elegant solution should require deeper discussion on the dev side.

Point is though, the current state is far too demanding of time. This has negative consequences for how players group, how they approach raiding, and how they view any non-daily/weekly content that gets in the way of their to-do list.

For an example, I’ve always enjoyed the GW2 weekly lockout for raids because it’s once per week for my account. I clear the content and get some nice rewards then have the rest of the week to do other stuff. There’s tons of other stuff to do. I can also spread out the clear across the week if I’m busy. I can pick which characters I want to use for which fights so I always have some variety.