The current state of EU West

I don’t mind the server being semi-empty compared to EU Central, but the thing is that we:

  1. don’t have the chance to re-claim Twitch Prime Loot
  2. We lose half the value of our Founder’s Pack
  3. We lose the majority of any money spent into the game
  4. We get no headstart or smth alike to compensate for the progress
  5. We need to RE-claim Twitch Loot (aka. watch multiple hours of stream again)
  6. We’re practically forced to rush through the game AGAIN because most of us want to progress as soon as possible again, since this is much needed in Lost Ark. 1 week doesn’t do alot in the long run but it helps. Especially in Tier 1, which is just a warm-up.

Amazon/Smilegate isn’t acccomodating enough to make players feel happy about their swap. I simply had to because I couldn’t play the game, much like others, if I didn’t log in via remote control during my break @ work. A servertransfer is very much possible, I refuse to believe its hard to set it up since its already live in Korea from what I’ve heard. And even if its not, Servertransfers have become a staple in every MMO. It shouldn’t be hard.

How will Amazon/Smilegate tackle the issues? I’m happy to listen and also ask the playerbase to give feedback aswell.
Sorry for any grammar/spelling mistakes, english is not my first language.

Well if u look at how the solve their problems in general, then i wouldnt get my hopes up for a solution that would be at it’s place any time soon…

Actually i am beggining to believe the games player base would drop pretty soon since ppl dont want to move to EU West nor do they want to be stuck in Que/MM problems on central which is still not fixed after they promised us.