The disconnection frequency increases after maintenance

what do you maintain?
more maintenance problems?
two disconnections in just 30 minutes?

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Make it 4 for me.

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I guess I’m luckier than you

EU C Server thirain, in the first hour i have 6 dcs or my group member, Argus or Valtan

the new premium crystalline aura protect against dc

4 dc, 5 random crashes to desktop. Not to talk about the 3-10secs freezes.


edit make it 6 random crashes.

edit make it 8

4 argos runs, 3 freezes 4 crashes and 3 cannot connect to server in like 60 minutes playtime, I guess the game is not playable anymore

oddly enough i had no disconnect so far on euc
usually i have 1 right after loading char and like 1 more in 20 mins
then i can go on for a while

i got dc this morning alone 4 times, EUC.

you need to buy acces through a montly subcription to get acces to lost arks premium servers and software :stuck_out_tongue:

My gues is just that more players play after maint. so more server load means more dcs. dont expect a fix for dc and freeze they only care about premium stuff. like pheons its why they fixed market.

2 disconnects in 30 mins for me as well just now. Also lost a chaos dungeon entry this way.

It’s fucking disgusting, and it’s DC all the time

oh wow, at least we know it’s not bot related, since they’re not in yet.

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same, after 10 minutes, DC… death game

last week not 1 disconnect and today already 6 thanks amazon

All instances are pretty much fked up right now. I am not really a doomer kind but this game is fked up.

Same here on EUC. Two consecutive valtan runs 6 players dced at the same time. I usually dont have issues with this but since todays mainanance i dced 3 times already. This is clearly worse than last week…

got disconected twice today already