The disconnects are insane right now

Play on Danube in NAE. The disconnects are awful right now. Disconnected 8 times in a single Oreha’s run. Can’t even get into Stronghold without disconnecting. Seems like any time there is a loading screen, I get disconnected.

Please tell me you guys know what is happening. Game is literally umplayable. No way I can even attempt legion raids because I know I will disconnect several times.

Hey @paintblljnkie I hope you’re having a great day!

I sincerely apologize for this situation with the disconnects you’re experiencing during the Oreha run. This is not the experience we want our players to have.

What steps have you tried? Let me know if you have attempted any troubleshooting? If not proceed to the following link:

This does seem quite annoying and I do understand how you’re feeling, please you can escalate it through the website so our peers can take a deeper dive into this issue!

Hope it’s helpful!

TS steps taken

  • Restarted Router/Modem
  • Restarted PC
  • No updates of any kind running
  • No other applications running
  • Port Forwarding is set on my router to my my local IP, which is set as Static and not DHCP
    TCP: 27015, 27036.
    UDP: 27015, 27031-27036

This issue has been occurring for over a week now, although not as bad as today. I am not the only user having issues; You can comb through the forum and Lost Ark subreddit and see that for yourself. Plus, there was already a post made by Roxx advising that AGS was aware of the issue. Its just tiring that this hasn’t been resolved yet. You have maintenance within HOURS of accidentally giving players free Pheons but persistence server issues for a week+ gets no attention at all, besides a post a few days ago. Feels like maybe priorities are a bit off.

Amazon reply in a way that it seems is your problem, when its them.

you have to be fing joking right?

do you people even have any clue what’s going on in the game or are you just sitting around waiting for worktime to be over?

for one week now the servers are shit and - as hard to believe as it is - with yesterdays update it got worse. whole raids disconnecting at the same time… countless disconnects while doing kakul with my static…

the whole board is full of messages about the horrible state the servers are in and you post a god damn copy and paste message acting as if there is something the users can do when obviously the games server suck like hell…

srsly for weeks i have quietly taken the shit you people dish out, but enough is enough… all of you at amazon and smilegate need to get your shit together and start to do your jobs properly…

part of that as CM is at least having a slight clue about what is going on in game and give answers that make sense instead of paste and copy nonsense… holy f… unbelievable


This is a widespread issue for weeks since one of the updates.

Yesterday spent 2+ hours at valtan NM because our group were getting disconnects every run, can count at least 50 disconnects for the group combined in this 1 raid for 1 char

impossible to play the game

Hey folks how’s it going, hope you’re all doing great

I do apologize for the delay, I know there’s been a lot of players on the forums experiencing disconnection issues and that it has been this way for some weeks now, as you said @paintblljnkie our team is definitely aware of this and we are on it, I do and once again feel sincerely sorry this situation has been going on for this long, hopefully it improves soon.

Hey @CMaccheri I definitely understand your frustration, the same goes for everyone else, I do know how awful and annoying it can be to experience this type of issues, but rest assured our team is all hands on deck as of now to implement resolutions that improve this situation for the majority.

By any chance to anyone experiencing this, are you using hardwired connection or wifi?