The dps shortage is real!

This is insane… the dps shortage is ruining the game :frowning: I’m a Bard onetrick player and I’ve been sitting in a lobby trying to find DPS players for over 30 minutes now. Artist ruined the game!

Absolutely no copium

the jury is still out, artist is quite difficult to operate compared to paly/bard, we’ll see if pple still want to play with their new ayayas a few weeks from now.

what is the problem ? DPS had to sit in lobbys before the patch aswell 30 minutes

i think its fair that we ( i have 3 bards and 1 pally) have to search for groups aswell and wasting now some time , i think its a good change that some support learn that they are not better than others

also im happy that now alot of dps who thought supports are bad and only get taken cause you need them , play artist and realize that its not always that easy to play support

i still have plenty of dps and tbf , most dps are so easy to play … and people still fail with that said classes. now they fail with support aswell

OOOhhh it must burn having to press accept on those 1470 5x3 lvl 7 gem alts in vykas hm, instead of declining them like before in favor of 1900 whales.

Stings doesn’t it?


Imagine if you actually understood the irony in the post xD I got a static, I dont pug anything with any character :wink:

Enjoy the artist hype for another few weeks and then you’ll be back crying about support shortage that everyone said will be solved when artist gets released :wink:

The hype will die, same thing happend in KR. Supermegamassive support army was every where but then back to normal after a few weeks.

all the ppl trying out artist will quit it. Only support enjoyers will keep it & they will quick go past 1500 with yearning set. So give it 1-2 weeks & all will be back like before


Artist is ezpz lol

Wasn’t replying to you brah, If I was I’d click the specific reply button.

I was writing that for all the trash gatekeepers to see when they read this thread.

Without being unkind, we have suffered three-four months with “child king” supports.
Whether it is in the behaviour, in the recruitment, in the builds :

  • Quite often toxic
  • Setting up groups instead of joining the existing group, just because they wanted control
  • Forced to take on supports with pretty often disgusting builds.

So if the trend can be reversed a bit for once, I’m in.

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