The dps shortage really is ruining the game

I play 4 dps. I have 2 supports.

I don’t understand why they won’t fix it?

It is the worst part of the game. Brelshaza is not possible without having 6 dps characters characters per group. If it was possible people would not wait in lobbies for hours for dps. 5x3, 15+ ilvls over, meta class, high stats, high quality, everything else perfect too and still waiting in lobbies for hours. It sucks. I personally know several people that have stopped playing because of this specific issue.

There are multiple ways it can be fixed.

If there is less than 6 dps in a 8man party then make their relic set power powerful, have more stats and do more damage.

Offer a optional ticket to all players to transform one 1490+ character into a dps class is another fix.

Both of these fix the problem instantly overnight and require minimal development work.

Some worse solutions are Increasing honing rates for dps and/or dps only powerpass event. These will probably not help above 1490 as ppl will just sit them at lower ilvls still and if they do it will still take months.

The longer SG waits to fix this the more money they lose as we now know there are no new players joining the game (reddit pole) and old players are quitting like crazy over this horrible design.

I hate SG for not fixing this problem.


well this thread didn’t take long to appear


the term dps shortage only breathed in existance in the last 3 days
chill bro



I feel like you hate one of your support characters and you regret wasting mats on them and you wish you had made a DPS character.

Anyways most of us have been there, just don’t think too much about it.

if you’re old enough just go do some shots of vodka, whisky or jaegerbombs and you will be all rightyyyyyy


I feel like you hate one of your support characters and you regret wasting mats on them and you wish you had made a DPS character.

I don’t hate them, but this dps shortage is crazy! I would reroll one of my supports for sure

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I wish i had not wasted mats on my supports too but it is what it is

bro I am trolling valtan hard with 1505 zerk, there are literally shiton of 2 supports lobbies waiting for dps and more support apply to this support party xD

I dont think its gonna “even” in 2-3 weeks, things gonna be different from now on, the support shortage might be back, but not as sevre as it used to be

nah support still better in the long run

but I am starting to really consider making shadow hunter instead of artist… ya know I want a support for the priviliege mostly, but outside brelshaza hard I dont see it
still dps is more gatekept than support in general

So you want to have AGS fix a problem caused by players?

First people cried to have Artist released and cried for shortage of supports, now they cry for shortage of DPS, it is the players fault not AGS and don’t forget people will always be unhappy, if you give them one finger they will eventually want the whole hand.

Don’t worry just like in KR and RU, Artist will die out, many players will drop them as they are not as easy or as efficient for 90% of the bosses compared to Paladin and Bard.

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Is it a DPS shortage or a player shortage.

Lot of folks trying out D4 this weekend alongside players just burning out and bored to tears of re-running content.

Using just the group we built up on NA-E as an example, where we once had 200+ active players we’re on average losing 2 launch day players a week lately. Of those 200+ we have maybe 30-40 active players remain.

Considering the alt style of game, that equals out to hundreds of characters that are no longer applying for raids anymore, be it support or dps.


It’s not player shortage. You have a lot of people applying, the problem is that there is too many supports applying and not enough dps! AGS should cull support’s population

Start accepting DPS Paladins and Artists :slight_smile:

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There is no issue except yours…

DPS shortage only exists for the next few days / weeks.

Stop making useless posts.

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That’s why I hedged my bet and geared my Pally with Preordained Dilligence Gear.

You can never have too much damage, ya know. Besides, noobs on my ilvl only watch engravings + ilevel, pretty sure they don’t even check the gear and the gems. Maybe not even stats, since I play spec pally, everyone thinks it sucks, but I still get insta-accepted.

player shortage.
Artist will park at 1500-1540

Higher the sup shortage will return.
But the fact in PUGs DPS cant fill lobbies means that
We need more players like the entire LOA population didnt make an artist.
Prob less than 10%
But it feels like half the player base made an Artist

Don’t worry, people will get bored of artist and it will be back to support shortage.

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I remember forum people saying: “Stop playing DPS go play support you will get gatekept less.”

Now people complain about DPS shortage, you can’t make that shit up. :rofl:

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Yeah, but if your group was halfway decent you could probably get by without having a support, and you could at least join groups to wait to eventually get them.

When you’re a support you have no choice because there will never be more than two. It’s not like it’s a gearing or a gatekeeping problem, there just is never a spot for a support, even if that group has 2 players out of 8 lol

Unless you make your own group and wait who knows how long, you could look all day and night and never find one for days, no joke it’s pretty crazy

Dont know i had no Problem in all raids to get into groups. I guess its a personal problem of you OP.

Is this a real thing people are saying? DPS shortage?

We have truly become a meme

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From what I’ve seen it’s not a DPS shortage it’s a Strong player shortage. Basically none of the stronger lobbies want to take the weaker characters anymore and now the supports have to actually run with on Ilvl characters for stuff bellow brel.

Every time I’ve made a party on my 1540+ toons there’s a ton of 1460s applying which makes me think that people just don’t want to do stuff onilvl with their on ilvl toons.

Ye the Supps have now the “problem” that there are not enough free carries for them left so they have actually to play/support good.