The EAC things you just told us to do, literally do nothing

I literally have done these things multiple times for multiple games that use EAC, and it did nothing.

Just read this…

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for me it fixed the high cpu usage

fixed the high cpu usage for me as well

Perhaps try validating game files via steam

That sadly does even less.
Done that more than 70 times since launch, because the first and only response from the Support is exactly that. Never helped solve anything.

Then try to do a clean reinstall instead

The fix this morning was intended to reduce the CPU usage and ensure the game fully closes on shutdown. Unfortunately it will not address other issues with game performance that you may be experiencing.


Will you still address other game performance issues that we are experiencing with EAC in a future update? Or are we just stopping here? @Roxx

It fix my core 1 kidnapped by eac and stuck at 100 percent usage during playing and after lost ark is closed. Now all cores is steady at normal usage

They could use some of the profits from the Black Friday sale to get a contract with a good anti-cheat service that doesn’t break every other week and cause issues since launch…

Any news on fixing the stability issues we’ve been facing in the last 4 weeks? Any updates from the Dev teams? With Brelshaza around the corner people are getting a little angsty.

Please edit the official “statement” to include that important detail.
No one reading that knows, that is is meant for the closing and cpu issues.

EAC is a piece of garbage that blocks other anti-cheat and yet itself stays in the memory after the game exits.

So tired of this crap only reboot will solve it.

EAC repair worked for me, its no longer hogging 2nd core and shuts down as it should. 10/10 good fix on my system

Yes its for the shutdown issue only . We still need the fix for the dc issue before brelshaza please.

So they tell you that if you have EAC probles to contact them hahaha
This company man, just disable EAC entirely.

See I don’t even crash to EAC. I just get “Cannont connect to server” N A bunch of letters N numbers. Defo not an issue with my internet since my internet doesn’t have a slight pause in the usage or anything.

And when is the dc’ding going to be fixed? its becoming a massive joke and a problem!

Also when is the debuff for quitting out of a guardian raid going to be removed seeing as it’s getting applied when the server shits the bed and dc’s players.

What about giving players refunds for the dc’d during chaos dungeons?

But these issues came after the disconnect issues.

All this did was reverse engineer the problems trying to fix the problem created?

So this was intentionally vague about “Issues being seen” in that it had nothing to do with disconnects, but rather high CPU usage and failure to shutdown properly?

This is over a month now @Roxx clearly it’s time to look for alternative solutions to EAC before it destroys the entire player base, considering they clearly are not capable of resolving this issue.

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