The end of lost ark

So let me get this straight.

New players are being banned as bots. But not only that, new players that made it past the ban will be gatekept anyways. So, they’re better off being banned because technically you’re banned from players.

Welcome to lost ark :heart:


Personally I don’t see how a brand new player is supposed to catch up at the moment.


they can catch up by playing a long long period of time, the people they “have” to catch up to have been playing for a whole year soon. Its going to take some time to get to the same point those people are at but not as long as what those players have spent since stuff have been made way way easier.


That’s the neat part. They aren’t. Well… unless they pay. It’s not a bug, it’s a feature.


BOT’s, DC’s, RMT’s, Broken Market, Classes delay non sense, Censorship.
We ask the same Korean version of the game, look what they bring to us.


The problem is there isnt a lot of horizontal content like the T1 and T2 quest mats and engraving books for T3. No repeatable quest for farming or a good events to help farm for stuff. They need to put more of those to help players.

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Now that they’re not allowed to the play the game they will all feel that rebelious urge and want to play it more then ever… once the ban is lifted. :clown_face:

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I’m only asking questions? Where’s the lie, truth hurts?

I was answering the guy above i agree with you, it just doesn’t show the reply for some reason :sweat_smile:

Tbh I pity the fool that wanna start fresh playing the game now. :rofl:


True I have been playing for 2 months for avg of 6 hours a day and am barley catching up only one char got decent progress cause of hyper express event otherwise I would say I need at least 2 more months to catch up and playing for the same amount of hours but I don’t I will be able to as am already burning out honestly the game is becoming super unfriendly to new players and the broken market is also a huge issue


The Ark will never be found
Now get out, and let the Whales go vs Whales getekeeping each other with LoS 30 Gem +9/+10, while the Bots running around, attracting new players with the numbers on Steam.
Lobby Ark stonks :trophy:


And what would it help? when they will get gatekeept by Man-child any way?
Game will always Fail when it comes for new player perspectve, whole design of the game is flawed from the start.
T1-T2 was nice experience but T3? they just drop towel there and ware like lets make this game as much of a chore as we can!


They can’t because the Ark got DC during the transfer, so it is lost connection.


Even if you pay, you be gatekept by your roster level. So, it doesn’t matter anyway.


The real problem is having the motive of riding the initial wave of frontline players while not putting in the effort or starting late. No amount of boosts to a higher gs will help players catch the wave or anything and it’s not something players should strive for. There’s simply so many raids and so much content in the game for a player that they should play the game purely for the sake of the gameplay itself: which is what everyone should be playing the game for. There’s so many awesome bosses, dungeons, raids and everything for newer players that bothering yourselves with the idea of “omg how will we get the new player into brel or clown” just makes no sense

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Right but once they get to the endgame and want to try the legion raids. They will be hit with the reality of gatekeeping.

It’s quite sad.


Also I would say pheons are literally anti new player like I said on my other reply till this day I have only 1 char that has 4x3 the rest have 2x3 max , for jewels to cost 25 pheons is kinda insane and stones cost 9 pheons last 100 pheons they gave us I spent all on stones still didn’t get a single good one

Source: trust me brah

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“Catching-up” is very subjective though.

And 90% of the posts assume that catching up is being roster lvl 200 with a full roster making gold every week.

A new player should not be doing any of that.

You all have forgotten what a new player is supposed to do i guess.

Farm your early T1-T2 islands, enjoy the story, go to punika, start farming for skill points / omnium stars , etc and do your weekly stuff. Even if you dont make lots of gold atm you have at least 2 months of horizontal content to do in order to have the BASIC things you need to set up your roster.

Also, theres really no rush. Since this is an alt game, just get on a guild and youre out of any gatekeeping issues. You will be able to do all content at any time at your own pace.

Also, on a side note. I like the giga mad posts coming up lately, but i bet you will be crying like a baby when this games shuts down, if it does. So please, get your peer pressured mentality somewhere else.

you cant be an advocate for the new players when all you do is nurturing a toxic environment.